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Odesza – Summer’s Gone

Label: Self-released
Format: Download
Country: US
Released: Sep-12
Genre: Electronic

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So, a friend told me about this band a short while ago, and while this is not exactly new, it’s new to me. And I’ve loved listening to these guys over the past couple of weeks.

Odesza, are a Seattle-based production duo comprising Harrisson Mills and Clayton Knight who have collaborated to produce their debut EP ‘Summers Gone’.
‘Summers Gone’ does not sound like a first foray into Electronic music for these guys (in fact they both have their own solo projects – Harrisson ‘Catacombkid’ and Clayton ‘BeachesBeaches’). The production on ‘Summers Gone’ is top notch – dreamy electronic musical vistas, glitch vocals, rhythmic bass lines and washed-out summer vibes would probably describe the album well.

Some collaborations between separate artists turn out to be dismal failures and others astounding successes (‘Give Up’ by ‘The Postal Service’ springs as a success to mind) and for me this album is the latter – a real triumph. Think ‘Café Del Mar’ meets ’Blue Sky Black Death’ meets ‘Tycho’ – does that help? Ok, if not, think “the electronic soundtrack to your summer”.

If you want a quick sample – jump to ‘How Did I Get Here’, ‘Today’ or ‘Don’t Stop’ – if those don’t whet your appetite – this may not be for you.
For me, the entire 12 tracks (excluding the intro) does not drop the ball anywhere. It’s all great stuff, cohesive, tight and just wonderful. It takes you away to sun-drenched islands (think chill, not rave) even if you look outside and only see grey clouds.

If I have a complaint (and it’s a minor one), it’s that some of the songs really do sound like an EP format – in that a few songs finish way too soon. ‘How Did I Get Here’ is a good example – I’m totally into the song, it’s really building up and just when I’m hoping for it to really take off, it finishes. I’m left wanting more (which is a good thing I guess) – but at the same time it sort of also feels rushed in places.
It’s hard to complain though because, and here’s the clincher…head over to their website (see link above) or Soundcloud and download their album for FREE! That’s right, in the age of viral marketing, ‘Odesza’ have smartly decided to fund their debut album themselves and charge you nothing for it! They are counting on the spread of word of mouth and it has resulted in a funded American tour and on the back of that hopefully we’ll see a full length studio album from the duo which I urge you to support if you want to repay them for the free gift of this EP.

Btw, my wife Lydia, who loves to listen to music but could not tell you who sang/performed a song if her life depended on it, says “ooh, this is quite nice”. That’s her review.

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