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Onkyo Releases New Hi-Res Network Stereo Receivers (TX-8130 / TX-8150)


Versatility and features abound in the affordable new 2 x 135 watts per channel TX-8150 and 2 x 110 watts per channel TX-8130 Hi-Res network stereo receivers from Onkyo, the world leaders in home entertainment design.

Both receivers are built around Onkyo’s unique, fully discrete high-instantaneous-current amplification system that controls the speaker drivers with exceptional accuracy while capturing a very wide audio frequency spectrum for dynamic, energetic, and realistic sound. Backed by a high-output massive transformer and custom audio-grade capacitors, the amp system also prevents phase shifting for precise stereo imaging.

A premium 384 kHz/32-bit Asahi Kasei DAC smoothly decodes any digital source, be it wireless (TX-8150) or wired (TX-8130) 192/24 FLAC or DSD 5.6 MHz audio over the home network or sound from a flat-panel TV via four and two digital inputs respectively. There are a total of seven analogue inputs on both receivers, including turntable phono input, as well as a USB port for music via flash memory drive, making these receivers the best connected in their class.

Another rich layer of entertainment comes with onboard Deezer, TuneIn, and Spotify Connect internet services with song selection available via a free remote app that also controls playback of music libraries stored on PC or media server.

As a Wi-Fi®-enabled device, the TX-8150 includes AirPlay to support wireless streaming from iTunes and other apps such as YouTube; DAB+ digital radio tuning; and Bluetooth for streaming of essentially any audio from mobile devices.

Both models gain radio tuning with 40-preset memory, while four broadcast or internet radio stations can be stored in a Quick Access BGM memory function—just touch a button on the front panel and the receiver will power up and commence playback. Similarly, the receivers power up automatically when a digital signal is detected, meaning there’s no extra buttons to push to enjoy amplified TV sound.

As part of Onkyo’s Pure Audio Component range, both products feature a rigid anti-vibration oval chassis, quality banana-plug-compatible speaker posts (with A/B drive), independent bass, treble, and balance controls, Direct Mode, and for the TX-8150, gold-plated audio terminals.

The TX-8150 and TX-8130 are immensely versatile amplification hubs for a wide range of home entertainment sources, from vinyl records and cassettes to Hi-Res Audio and Spotify.

But their greatest strength is sound quality. Onkyo’s unique approach and rich Hi-Fi tradition makes listening a joyful experience again—not flat, lifeless, and clinical, but full of bounce, energy, and soul.

TX-8150  – Wireless Hi-Res Network Stereo Receiver with Spotify Connect, AirPlay, DAB+, Bluetooth and Phono input, in black or silver, available September  – £549 srp.
TX-8130  –  Hi-res Network Stereo Receiver with Spotify Connect/TuneIn/Deezer and Phono input, in black or silver, available September – £449 srp.Further Information
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About Onkyo
Onkyo, which means ‘sound harmony’ in Japanese, was founded in 1946 and is one of the leading names in hi-fi and home cinema throughout the world. The company’s philosophy is to deliver products that are superbly designed and built to a consistently outstanding standard of excellence. Today, Onkyo is at the forefront of the home theatre and digital revolutions. While many manufacturers are intent on building components at ever cheaper prices, Onkyo has a different vision. Their approach is to perfect the basics, leave out the frills, pay attention to details, and use only the finest parts. The results can be seen in the obviously high quality of any Onkyo-manufactured product, even before it is turned on…


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