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Onkyo Takes Aim At Soundbars with No Frills AV TX-SR252 Receiver


Leading home entertainment specialists Onkyo’s all-new 2 x 100 watts per channel TX-SR252 5.1-Channel A/V Receiver will make buyers considering soundbars think again and consider investing in an authentic home cinema system, for three persuasive reasons: fully discrete 5.1-channel amplification for clear and dynamic surround sound; neater installation via a single cable; and smooth, convenient operation for people of any age.

Whether set up in basic 2.1-channel or 5.1-channel surround sound layout, the TX-SR252 has all the essentials for a thrilling movie and gaming experience—and it’s huge fun with music as well.All four of the latest spec HDMI® inputs and one output are 4K/60 Hz/HDCP 2.2 compliant and the receiver can decode lossless studio-quality Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ formats.

Furthermore, signals from the two composite video inputs are upconverted via HDMI, allowing the receiver and any of up to six game consoles, BD players, media streamers, and VCRs to be hidden in an entertainment unit, with all video fed to the display via a single cable. Budget soundbars, on the other hand, were never intended as media hubs and therefore have limited connections and decoding capabilities and can often sound not much better than the TV speakers themselves.

The TX-SR252 also caters to music lovers with two digital audio inputs for a streamer or CD player, three analogue audio inputs, and a USB input for playback of the most popular compressed formats stored on a flash drive. An FM/AM tuner with 30 memory presets is also included.

Users need not be intimidated or confused by connection and setup—the back panel is very clearly labeled and illustrated. The receiver can also be set up to switch on with the TV display, with the program’s audio routed via HDMI’s ARC function for amplification and playback through connected speakers.

Pitched at users on a budget who value easy operation and really fantastic sound, the TX-SR252 is the perfect way to simplify and enhance your home entertainment system.

TX-SR252 5.1 channel AV receiver with 4K compatibility – in black only, available October – £199 srpFurther Information
Phone: 08712 001996
Email: customercare_eu.onkyo.com
Web: www.onkyo.co.uk

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