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Purité North get into bed with slinky Swede…

Purité North – our friendsupraly neighbourhood foo-free cabling vendor and habit-forming-hifi pushers have significantly expanded their wiring range by becoming a Supra dealer.


The Supra deal means that as well as loudspeaker and interconnect cables, Purité North now offer a comprehensive range of factory-terminated cables, including  screened UK mains, USB, HDMI, fibre-optic and many more…

supra 2

Supra are an ideal partner for Purité North, valuing engineering competence over fanciful notions when designing cables.   With Supra, special attention is paid to screening, corrosion-resistance and excellent contact integrity for long life and consistent, technically-perfect performance.

Among Purité North’s offer is the first ever fully CE-certified screened UK mains lead – Supra LoRad (guaranteed to team brilliantly with a forthcoming new product from house-brand Wychwood Audionics – exclusive announcement here soon!).

Supra LoRad features 1.5mm or 2.5mm OFC copper conductors, tin plated for lifetime corrosion resistance and with gold-plated connectors on all plugs.
► Also in stock are award-winning Supra USB 2.0 cables.

With these every conductor pair is screened, with extra isolation between power and signal paths, plus heavyweight conductors to ensure reliable 90 Ohm impedance matching, yielding accurate signals in cables up to 15m long!  (standard USB cables start to get shaky around 3-5m).

supra 1

► Another award winner rocking-up to Purité North’s North Yorkshire HQ is Supra’s ZAC Fibre Optic Interconnect.

ZAC stands for Zero Attenuation Concept. The innovative curvature of the light-fibre tip gives zero divergence loss, achieving the same transmission quality as a glass fibre core but with the strength and flexibility of plastic.

► An important new speaker cable has also arrived in the form of the superb Supra Flat 1.6 – a no-nonsense name for a super-discrete, fit-and-forget flat cable just 1.95mm thick, which can be run under carpets, beneath skirting boards, or simply stuck in place with Supra’s high-grade double-side tape.

supra 3

Its design has the added advantage of low capacitance and low inductance, for minimal signal distortion.

Available terminated or unterminated in lengths up to 250m!

More new stock will arrive soon, including HDMI and network cabling, as well as interconnects.

Any product from Supra’s comprehensive range is available to order in the meantime – prices are very reasonable for the quality on offer, so please see Supra’s website for more ideas, and contact Purité North for help, pricing and further information.

Thanks, Paul & Samantha,

Purité North,
18 Old Farm Way,
North Yorkshire,


01757 706372

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