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Rain forest

RJC Audio, Sustainability is key!

Rain forest
One of the things that has concerned me since I have launched RJC Audio is the sustainability of the timber I use in my products. The more research I do into this subject the less convinced I am that tropical hardwoods are sustainable and the certification schemes are, at best, difficult to police. It can not be right that trees from vast swathes of rain forest are having to be protected under CITES protocols whilst at the same time we continue to reduce the remaining resource to the same perilous state. Timbers such as Brazilian Rosewood and Tulipwood, Madagascan Ebony and Caribbean Mahogany are not only protected under CITES but are unavailable due to  over-foresting.There are many attractive hardwood timbers available from temperate forests that are well managed and truly sustainable. Oak, Cherry, Walnut, and Olive ash to name but a few.I have therefore decided that until I can identify sustainable plantations and be guaranteed these as a source of supply,  that I will not offer tropical hardwoods as an option to my customers for new commissions. I do this in the belief that they will share the same values as myself and enjoy my products in the knowledge that in some small way they have helped preserve a fast dwindling resource.
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