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SME M2-9R tonearm and the Technics SL-1200 turntable

Seems like a decent idea!

Warning, un-doctored press release follows.

Timestep SME - Technics shadow

Dartmouth-based high-end audio specialists Timestep announce their precision tonearm-mounting to couple the new SME M2-9R tonearm with the legendary Technics SL-1200 series turntables.

The new SME M2-9R tonearm is a stunning example of a high-end high fidelity classic brought up to date. The exceptional build and high standard of finish oozes SME quality. This J-shaped nine-inch tonearm with detachable traditional SME-style headshell features superb quality ABEC 7 ball race bearings, dual-stage tungsten counterbalance system and adjustable azimuth.

It is perfect for users who need to change cartridges quickly and easily. Archivists will find this the perfect solution: correct reproduction of 78rpm records requires several different sized styli. Even vinyl record collectors will see the attraction once they experiment with a stereo cartridge in one headshell and a mono cartridge in another.

Similarly, the Technics SL-1200 series turntables gained their reputation over the last four decades, quickly becoming an industry standard by which other turntables were measured. They were adopted by both broadcast and club disc-jockeys as the turntables of choice, renowned for their solid build, reliability, massive torque and superb sound quality. Modern enhancements have elevated the performance of this classic to a new level and Timestep’s own 78rpm modification has led to sound archives and restoration libraries worldwide to turn to the Technics SL-1200.

Until now the two could not be successfully wed, but thanks to Timestep’s precision tonearm-mounting the couple can at last come together. This armboard is designed by Timestep to ensure perfect alignment and energy transferal. It is engineered in Germany to Timestep’s exacting standards before finishing with high quality silver or black anodizing.

Unusually, SME supply Timestep the M2-9R without a tonearm cable. Whilst any standard phono lead can be used, Timestep can supply the M2-9R with a wide range of arm cables including the SME cable and the exceptional Furutech Silver Arrows.

Both the new SME arm and its armboard are sold in the UK through www.soundhifi.com and the rest of the world through www.time-step.com.

UK selling price (inc. VAT)

Timestep SME / Technics precision armboard £90

SME M2-9R including Timestep armboard £1,200

As above including SME arm cable £1,344

As above including Furutech Silver Arrows arm cable £2,860

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