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    SOLD: Clearaudio Cartridge Alignment Gauge

    Selling my Clearaudio precision Cartridge Alignment Gauge which is in mint condition. This is one of the best alignment gauges out there. Machined from solid aluminium, it is precisely marked and has a calibrated rod for setting the effective length of your tone arm. With the effective length...
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    Cartridge alignment gauge

    Hi there, I'm looking for a cartridge alignment gauge/tool such as the Dr Feickert, Clearaudio or Pro-Ject versions. Anyone got one for sale? Thanks in advance.
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    Cartridge alignment with an arc protractor

    For years I have aligned cartridges on my 9” and 12” PU7 arms (both use Linn-type mounts) using the handy single-point universal cartridge protractor that comes with them. However convenient, universal single-point (or even 2-point) alignment protractors work by simplifying the arm’s actual...