1. TIU

    Site playing up on updated Android based phone

    Since my phone upgraded its OS, the site is doing weird things. Anyone else having issues?
  2. F

    Hijack of Amazon?

    I tried to reply in the forum using this link: It should just be a link to something on Amazon. When it was within a post on this forum clicking it took my browser, (Chrome), to a dodgy looking site prmoting alternatives to...
  3. JamPal

    When will the forum work in Chrome?

    HAving to run a different browser does stop me visiting as often, to be honest. No other sites suffer like this in Chrome. But hfww in simply unusable it's so slow. It's slow in Edge, but Chrome is painful.
  4. Willie Garvin

    Upload limits and file types?

    Hi, I'm having no luck so far in getting my post answered in the Photography forum so here seemed the next place I should ask (perhaps it should have been the first place!). Cheers, willie g
  5. graham67

    How to download private messages?

    In the old forum there was a facility to download ones private messages in various formats. As my inbox uded to fill up quickly I used to download my received and sent pms in txt format which was very useful. How does one do the same thing on the new forum? many thanks, Graham.
  6. awkwardbydesign

    Previous reply blocking new reply to post.

    When I try to reply to a post by quoting it, I am finding a previous reply stuck in the dialogue box.  I can delete my reply, but not the quote.  And there appears to be no way to cancel a reply if I decide not to post it. A cancel function is showing here, but not in 2 channel "Bi Amping my...
  7. whatsnext

    Who has posted and how many per thread

    On the older rubbish forum software like all the others you could click on the number of replies to a thread and up came a page showing usernames and number of posts for that thread, sorted by number of posts. If I am being blind or stupid please open my eyes to how I can do that with this...
  8. Cloth-Ears.

    Adding a poll

    Hi, please can you tell me if it is possible to add a poll after a thread is underway, or if you have to do it at the initial making of the thread. Thanks
  9. Clubsport911

    Activity view, Unread, need to see unread

    My preferred view is Activity, then Unread, then Condensed. When doing this, I see all the topics from all over the forum. All is well. No matter whether I have posted to a thread or not, whenever I follow the thread, I always hit upon the very first post. So, "unread posts" might well contain...
  10. G

    Usefulness of the Ignore list

    Hi, Is it possible to extend the scope of the ignore list to include the most recent posts section as it is currently being partially polluted with the odious drivel of one person on my ignore list. Regards, Ian
  11. M

    Forum pages display question

    All are displaying fine on my ipads but not on macbook or imac. This is what im getting on them. w h a t a r e y o u l i s t e n i n                                                                avatar picture . g t o n o w Any ideas why rooms and topics are showing...
  12. M

    Why does my profile picture keep changing?

    I wouldn't mind but I'm now Duvet and that ain't funny :)
  13. O

    Private Messages

    How do I access my Private Messages In and Out  Boxes? There are some old messages I would like to refer to. Please keep your answers kids tell me That I am technically Challenged    (littlle sods!!!)
  14. Cloth-Ears.

    Rep leaders on front page

    On the front page of the forum. It got reduced from top five to top three. Then they went away altogether. From the beginning of my glorious return here I was showing in the top five and recently, I have often been No1, right at the top. It is important for people to see that I am best.   I am...
  15. gjm

    Edit delay

    Could we have a delay between when a post is entered, and when an edit causes a notification to appear? At present, if you write a post, click 'Submit', and then realise there's a spelling, punctuation or similar error, even an immediate edit (within seconds) shows as 'Edited by...' Could...
  16. soileduk

    Problem with display of individual topics

    My problem is that when I go into a topic list all the individual thread titles are displayed vertically. 
  17. eddie-baby

    No delete or option function

    Hi, Can you help me out please, a few times my posts have been double posting and I have no option to delete it. What seems to be the matter is that normally users get a few things they can click on in their post, these are quote , edit , options , delete. However on my side of things I only...
  18. graham67

    How to subscribe to a thread?

    I am sure it is simple but I cant work out how to subscribe to a thread? could someone please tell me how to? many thanks graham
  19. nut

    Editing posts problem

    I went to edit the following thread - It included the previous post, even though i was not quoting. Go into a topic, quote the last not save....go out of the topic. Go back in to the topic and click in the text box (which is empty) to reply to the topic (do not quote). It fills...
  20. B


    Hi I have just tried sending you a Paypal payment for super-wammer membership, but had a notification from Paypal that there is a problem with your Paypal A/c. It appears you can't receive money at the moment. Let me know when fixed and I will send again. Thanks Cheers ben