1. Fosfocreatina

    ADSM and Panasonic OledTV ARC problem

    Hello! I recently bought a fabulous Panasonic Oled TV from the 2019 lineup (TX-65GZ1500) to match my Akurate Exaxt DSM with the sorround nodule. I’m very satisfied with the system but the ARC doesn’t work.  The CEC flag on the AEDSM is ON but the TV can’t pair with the Linn and no sound is...
  2. A

    power transformer

    hi, the power transformer of my LS7 has started humming with the occasional buzzing. I'm thinking its delaminating. thinking of replacing it with a steroidal one. dont know what ARC would charge for a replacement. does any one know the secondary outputs or how I can measure them. I've had my...
  3. 3

    KDSM & eARC

    My new telly has 4K Netflix & Prime and supports eARC. Anyone tried this with a current KDSM? Pretty sure it copes with ARC but not sure if it will handle full eARC when it arrives.