art audio

  1. taff

    LV modded Art Audio Quintet Power Amp

    Unfortunately having to sell my system in order to fun an expansion in the business. Bought from Brumjam of this parish! From a previous sales thread: (this amp has had a few owners in the wam and you can easily find some pics and more info on it. as I dont have permission to link to those...
  2. L

    Art Audio vinyl one phonostage - definative audio/living voice mods

    The best phono stage I've owned by a clear margin but I'm just not listening to my system that much any more, so time to downsize.  Tom Willis' superb valve phono stage, lovely unmarked chrome Facia, MM only, which suited me, as most will want to use an external SUT/headAmp at this level. The...
  3. L

    Art Audio Vinyl One phono stage - Living Voice/Definative Audio Modifications

    Withdrawn from sale for now. It's too good to sell