1. B

    Which amplifier for Boenicke speakers ?

    I’ve read reviews of Boenicke speakers which suggest that they can be fussy about the amplifiers they are partnered with i know they are current hungry so that isn’t my question. My question is about synergy. One review I read suggested that they don’t sound so great with ATC amps (even though...
  2. B

    Advice for a Preamp/DAC please...

    Hi all, ive just ordered some ATC SCM 40 actives and really need advice. I have asked on the ATC thread but now been politely thrown out for taking the discussion in all directions 😂. I mean that nicely, they have been kind and helpful. I would be grateful for advice on using my new speakers...
  3. D

    ISO Acoustic Pucks

    Hi has anyone have any experience of the ISO Acoustic Pucks, I am thinking of getting a set for my ATC SCM19 speakers. Please feedback your positive and negative views. Many thanks
  4. lamboy

    SOLD: ATC SCM19 v2 - price dropped to £1400

    Due to a home refurb project I am selling my HiFi. The amp is already gone, RME Dac is available (will post a seperate thread but considering keeping for headphone use) and here are my absolutely mint SCM19s in Cherry. All packaging is available but would prefer a pick up if possible. Speakers...
  5. TheFlash

    SOLD: ATC SCA2 pre-amplifier Wam price £2500 or offers

    Folks, a cut and paste from my eBay advert where the price is £2750. Loads of watchers, some tyrekickers, some real interest, but the only actual offer so far is from a low-baller who I know wants to sell on because he's an unofficial eBay dealer. Open to sensible offers even on this lower...
  6. D

    ATC SCM40 V2 in white satin. Less than 2 years old.

    Reluctant sale of my ATC SCM 40 V2 White Satin speaker.  I have bought them in August 2017 brand new from Audioemotions. Still more than 4 years of warranty left. There were specially pre-ordered from the manufacturer by the shop so there are very recent build (not ex demo or used!!!) ...
  7. TheFlash

    Pre-amp for newly acquired ATC SCM40A's

    Note: I'm on a steep learning curve here as I'd always thought of a pre- simply as the thing you connect various sources to and control the volume from (like the C-90 in my Pioneer rig). Apparently, selection of the right pre-amp plays an important role in the ultimate SQ coming out of the...
  8. AlmaAtaKZ

    Wanted - ATC C3CA Active Centre Speaker

    Looking for this centre channel, the active version, hopefully in excellent condition. Any finish OK.
  9. PuritéAudio

    ATC at the 'EAR'

    Nice review of ATC's SCM 19a courtesy of the EAR, keith
  10. MrLem

    Power and pre options for ATC SCM19

    So I have my new SCM19s and I'm running them from my modified Primare SPA21.  It's a lovely amp which puts out 150W into 8ohms and 250 into 4 and manages around 0.014 THD.  I'm very happy with the Primare and the sound with the ATCs is sublime.  However the ATCs are not very sensitive and can...
  11. PuritéAudio

    ATC's arrive tomorrow!

    Our first pair of  ATC active 'classic ' 50's arrive tomorrow, genuinely excited to hear them here and compare them to our other active monitors. Keith
  12. PuritéAudio

    ATC@ Purité Audio

    Purité Audio are delighted to announce that we will be representing ATC loudspeakers in the central London area, our first pair of SCM50 ASL's ( the classic active 50's) are arriving any day! Keith
  13. MrLem

    Stands for shiny new ATCs

    The title was bugging me and the topic had changed so I thought new thread. I picked up some new ATC SCM19s, about which I am very happy.  Now I need speaker stands. I've always felt like metal stands must cost under a tenner to make and not very much to design so I'm not inclined to pay a lot...
  14. MrLem

    ATC SCM40 Amp Requirements

    So I sold my KEF Reference Model 2.2s.  I now have to decide what to replace them with and am leaning towards ATC SCM40s.  My concern is that they might need a mighty amp to get the best from them.  I'd initially have them running passive bi-amped and probably convert it to an active set up...
  15. oldfogey

    Atc sia2-150 amp

    ATC SIA2-150 Amp with remote. NOW WILLING TO POST. Now reduced to £950 + P&P (should be around £20, but dependent on choice of courier) In good condition, full working order, and I have been using it up until a few weeks ago when I sold my speakers. Do not have the original box, but it...