audio note

  1. Vinylistas

    SOLD Audio Note CDT Two CD Transport

    Selling my AN CDT TWO CD transport with silver face plate. Immaculate used condition with remote. Super musical transport with ultra reliable top loading Philips CD-PRO mechanism. Black gate caps inside. £1800 collected from SE London.
  2. kruppers

    For Sale: Audio Note M Zero Pre and P Zero Mono blocs

    Purchased in 2020 from Johnny Roberts at Midland Audio Exchange and had relatively light use since. However, they were my first ever valve amps and of course the bug has bitten (quite badly). In great shape - probably 8+/10 cosmetically. John told me these have the Black Gates but I haven't...
  3. DomT

    Audio Note Refurbished AN IO and AN S2 SUT

    Some of you may have read on here that our house sale fell through and as we need to get to immigrate to be with elderly parents we will rent out our home instead.  Sadly this means that we need to raise funds for the move and some hifi and musical items very reluctantly need to be sold.   You...
  4. S

    Croft and Russell K. Struggling at higher volumes. Please can you help?

    My system has some nice (to my ears) pieces of kit in it, including an Audio Note DAC 0.1x, a Croft Micro 25 preamp, a modified Croft Series 7 power amp producing around 90W/channel, and a pair of Russell K Red 150 loudspeakers. In between are a Chord Shawline digital coax cable, some Atlas...
  5. bryan1976

    Audio Note OTO SE (2017) (Black)

    An immaculate Audio Note OTO SE Line integrated amplifer. Built by Audio Note in 2017. Comes with all the original packaging, power cable, manual etc. Condition is absolutely 'as new'.  Very little use, maybe 8 hours a week on AN-E speakers. Also supplied is a brand new set of valves -...
  6. perart1

    Kondo SUT

    I know that here is a wealth of information about Kondo kit amongst WAM member so I was wondering if you could share you experiences of the SUT's that Audio note Japan/Kondo made. In particular, the AN-S7c/AN-S7cz and the AN-S6c/AN-6cz. I assume that the difference between the c and the cz lies...
  7. M

    R2R NOS DAC and DDC Mini-Bakeoff

    Introduction Would love to have opened this up, but I only have a small living room. Visited by Metatron and George47 yesterday, together with George's AudioNote (AN) 2.1, an AN4.1 he is currently sheltering and the Matrix SPDIF 2 that he recently reviewed. I bought a Schiit Eitr and so we...
  8. graham67

    Audio Note Arm One v2

    One owner Audio Note Arm One in fantastic condition. This example was sent to me by Audio Note in October 2013. It is in lovely condition with no noticeable marks, since being installed on my 401 it has not been removed.  All original packaging is included. Reason for sale is that I...
  9. C

    Audio Note Dac recap?

    The digital board of the older Audio Note (20 bit) Dac 1's feature six Jensen alu foil PIO capacitors with values 1000v, 0.018uf. I've been told that these are generally ripe for replacement as most of them will have developed leaks after two decades. However, I can't seem to find a direct...
  10. alans1957

    Audio Note Japan QSSC Speaker Cable

    People, People, People I have some Audio Note Japan QSSC Speaker Cables (20 strand silver litz) for sale 2 x 115cm pairs and 2 x 120cm pairs, has anybody any idea of there worth per pair?
  11. T

    Audio Note M-One Preamp

    Audio Note M-One preamp, comes with original box, remote, instructions and spare valve Purchased as a stand in while my preamp was being repaired but it sounds very good. £415 inc postage to the UK only. IMG_0550 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0551 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0553...
  12. T

    Audio Note OTO SE Phono

    This is an early OTO and I have owned for a short while, it was refurbished by SJS last year and had a full set of new Tung-Sol valves fitted (ECC82, ECC83 & EL84)  Earlier this year (Feb 2016) I had some extra work done by Deco Audio who are Audio Note approved dealers and service center. ...
  13. T

    Audio Note TT1

    Audio Note TT1 in black with clear lid. The box is a Technics SL1200 one but has been lined on the outside with thin MDF so is very strong and safe. Last photo shows what looks like a previous tonearm has rubbed against the inside of the lid. £600 inc postage to UK only (if you want insurance...
  14. C

    AN DAC and Audio Innovations the First - impedance matching?

    I've been quite happy with the performance of my Audio Innovations 300, but an Audio Innovations the First power amp showed up for sale locally and I couldn't resist. This is the 4x ecc88 model, so the gain is unwieldy. I'm temporarily using it with my Chord Mojo, which is able to give a clean...
  15. taff

    Audio Note 'The Preamp'

    Unfortunately having to sell my system in order to fun an expansion in the business. Another bit of kit that has had a few wam owners, Basic overview : valve rectifed with choke, valve phono stage, valve output. Significantly upgraded for me by graeme at ampregen - he added a remote control...
  16. selfaddict

    Audio Note IQ3 stylus

    Looking for an Audio Note IQ3 stylus. If you are willing to post to Finland PM me, Thanks, Juha
  17. C

    SPU with RB300?

    I'm currently running an Audio Note TT2 with Arm 3 and Ortofon Rondo Red through a Croft ECC88 based step-up (fitted with Siemens Halske E88cc) and Croft RIAA. The result is both refined and dynamic, but I'd be keen to get a bit more midrange magic and wouldn't mind giving up a bit of the...
  18. B


    Selling my 3.5m Audio Note Lexus speaker cables ( 4 X 3.5m lengths approx.) . Purchased many moons ago, from Mario at Audio Note UK. Terminated with banana plugs Purchase price today, would be in excess of £100 per metre run,  plus termination £350 ono .... includes insured postage.
  19. A

    FS: ** Price Reduction Audio Note AN-K SPe speakers **Price Reduction**

    Revised listing for a stunning pair of Audio Note Level 3 stand mount speakers. Less than a year old, just run in with very limited use. In mint condition, with Russian birch burl veneer, and original packaging. Price includes AN stands. Cost when new, including stands, was £2,600, now selling...