audio research

  1. DomT

    ATC SCM 11 on home demo - thoughts

    Hello everyone I have some ATC SCM11 on home demo and whilst I am listening in my system it would be useful to get opinions from long term users as well especially what combinations of kit work well. My system is very revealing but smooth sounding. As I don’t have internet until next week I am...
  2. DomT

    Crossroads - A new DAC/Preamp or keep DAC and buy a preamp

    Hello everyone My retirement hifi plans hadn't worked out as I imaged.  Now that we are settled in Portugal the realities are different that the theoretical plans.  My second system is surprisingly becoming the first system as I am spending more time listening to music on it and also because I...
  3. M

    Audio Research VT60?

    I have the chance of a ARC VT60 power amp (50-60 Watts, 6550 Valves) to power only the panels on my ML SL3's (bass is handled separately via SS amp) I currently have a Kora Jupiter Power Amp (40-50W and EL84 tubes) which works pretty well in my small room at moderate volumes on...
  4. C

    Audio Research Phono Stage

    I am looking for an Audio Research valve phono stage, typically PH3, PH3SE or PH5 but will consider others but not the solid state ones.  I would like it to be in excellent to mint condition to match my other equipment.  Fair price offered.
  5. Dazzmatic

    Audio Research REF 210 Valve Monoblocks

    Audio Research REF 210 mono block amps for sale.