audio technica

  1. freefallrob

    SOLD Audio Technica AT-F7 Moving Coil Cartridge.

    Super Audio Technica AT-F7 moving coil, very very low mileage (20 hours) great condition with all the bits and bobs. Sounds as clear as a bell, great stereo and detail, tracks superbly with it nude mounted elliptical stylus. Wonderful way into moving coils or simply as a back up cart. £150...
  2. graham67

    Audio Technica 150Sa, 150MLX, PTG2 - A tale of three carts

    This is a follow-up to the below post where i asked for possible cart options to replace a PTG2. In that post i mentioned I had an DNM Reson Reca which might be fun to try.  So I did with rather interesting results.  Compared to the PTG2, the Reson Reca is rather unrefined, having the...
  3. bigfish786


    It's a bit of a long shot, but im after a stylus that fits a clearaudio virtuoso cartridge. I currently have an audio technica atn95e stylus fitted as I bent the original cantilever, but today, I bent that one as well.  I have seen a few options available as replacements, the shibata would be...