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    Sold: Audion Sterling EL34 valve amplifier

    For sale is my Audion Sterling valve amplifier in excellent condition (just one small mark as shown on the photos). It’s been sat in it’s box for too long to justify keeping it and I’ve been spending on new kit recently and have a credit card bill which needs to be chipped away at! It’s fully...
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    Amp service (ok, repair)

    Hi all For longer than I care to admit I have been meaning to send my Audion Sterling EL34 Integrated down south for repair of the channel selector switch. I have stalled on this not least as am a tad anxious sending it anywhere by courier. A Wammer friend of mine suggested asking whether...
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    Audion KT120 Sterling 20th Anniversary £1450

    Hello After a bit of deliberation I am moving on my Audion KT120, lovely bit of kit which I have been using with NBIEN, ART and SNELL speakers and it has been extremely happy. I have recently upgraded to a pair of valve mono blocks and unless I go tri-amping I'm not going to use the KT120 so...