1. T

    For Sale Voyd Plus for sale

    This is an early 90’s version in black ash with the shoebox power supply. The turntable is in very good mechanical and electronic order. There are general small marks on the plinth and PSU. The lid has fine polishing marks commensurate with its age. The PSU has been checked for voltage output...
  2. Audionote Cobra

    Review Audionote Cobra

    I have never formally reviewed an Audionote product despite 75% of my system being Audionote. I was, therefore, determined to persuade Audionote to let me loose on one of their products. And my chance came at the Bristol audio show last year. This show is an event for me as I normally meet up...
  3. T

    Snell JII 2-way speakers

    You guys know all about these so I won't blart on too much. Have stayed with me for the longest time but a lack of living/listening space means they have to go.   Both of the bass drivers have been well re-foamed and there's no voice-coil rub whatsoever. I think the treble drivers were re-doped...
  4. Cable Monkey

    M77 Inspired Build

    Does anyone have a view on the M7 and M77 clone kits that have sprung up on our favourite auction site recently? In that great Chinese traditional of reverse engineering anything they can get their hands on these have started to appear in numbers. I'll be honest, my interest lies in the fact I...
  5. misterpete

    Audio Note Arm 3

    I have for sale an Audio Note Arm 3, boxed in super condition, This is the top of the range arm from AN and currently retails around the £1400 mark. I have used it on an Orbe and a Palmer to great effect, I preferred it to my previous SME IV. Here is a nice review :-...
  6. G

    Audio Note CDT Zero and DAC Zero

    Audio Note CDT Zero and DAC Zero in silver.  One previous owner, original remote for CDT and boxes for both. DAC has valve output and, as well as RBCD, I understand it should also accept up to 24/96 over spdif (I have not tested this).  £275 each.  SW London collection or post. PM me with...
  7. D

    Audio Note OTO Phono SE

    Hi, I'm looking for fully working Audio Note OTO Phono SE amp. Must be boxed for UK shipping. Please PM if you have one fore sale