1. limbok

    For Sale 1m RCA cables with Audioquest directional plugs

    1m RCA cables but no idea of the cable brand but have Audioquest directional plugs. They sound great and have a nice tight fit but surplus to requirements now so up for sale for a bargain price of £20+P&P. PM me for a postage quote.
  2. Audioquest and Gothic Audio Cables II

    Review Audioquest and Gothic Audio Cables II

    Introduction 'Come in, the water's lovely!' 'Come in, the water's lovely!'. Cables are such a boring uncontentious area. Just to nail some colours to the mast, I have found that cables make a difference, and this has been evident to me since I first started listening to a HiFi. At that time...
  3. Blodger

    SOLD AudioQuest Mackenzie RCA interconnect

    An immaculate, mint condition 0.5mtr pair of AudioQuest Mackenzie RCA interconnects. These are now surplus to requirement and haven’t been used for at least six months - they are a bit over a year old with original packaging. They retail for over £200 - £235 at Futureshop (see...
  4. H

    SOLD Audioquest Rocket 11 speaker cable - 3m factory terminated

    Audioquest Rocket 11 3 meter speaker cable, factory terminated with "SureGrip silver" BFA bananas. Brand new speaker cables, never used. Got them from Peter Tyson when I bought a pair of speakers. The box unfortunately got a bit squashed by DPD but the cable is fine. PT claim they're worth...
  5. A

    FS: AudioQuest Carbon USB A to B Cable, 0.75 m

    AudioQuest Carbon USB A to B cable, 0.75 m length, boxed and in excellent condition. £80 incl. shipping within UK.
  6. Vinylistas

    FS: Audioquest Aspen DBS Speaker Cables 2x4m Bi-wire

    My Audioquest Aspen cables for sale. Bi-wire version, 2x4m long pair, banana plugs on both ends.  Comes in original packaging with carry cases. Some wear and bending on banana plugs on amplifier side. Very good used condition otherwise.  They were over £2500 in this configuration new.   Sold. 
  7. Mike Milne

    SORTED - Audioquest Carbon or Coffee USB

    Hi I have been lent some decent USB cables to try between my Beresford Caimen Seg  Dac and Raspberry Pi ( Lagboda and Lunar Grist). So now I recognise USB cables do make a difference and sound different.  I am looking to purchase 2nd hand. I like the cheaper Lunar Grist but cannot anywhere near...
  8. Junaman

    SOLD: Audioquest Castle Rock Speaker Cable (5m)

    For sale is my Audioquest Castle Rock speaker cable.  This is a 5m single bi-wire version with spade connectors at the amp end and spades and bananas connectors at the bi-wire speaker end.  I bought this ex-demo from DB Hifi (an Audioquest dealer) and can pm original receipt if required.  The...
  9. JollyRaja

    Cables galore!!

    I have a lot of cables from the last 13 years of hi-fi improvements I need to move on. All in one post at the moment. I will separate out and add photos at a later date. All in excellent condition unless otherwise mentioned. I'm happy to explain why I'm selling them and what I've upgraded to...
  10. M

    Audioquest Cinnamon TOSLINK - MiniTOSLINK, 8Mtr

    Another current range midrange AudioQuest from the clearout, this time a Cinnamon MINITOSLINK - TOSLINK 8Mtr Currently on sale at £219 this one is available for the princely sum of £150. Pics if absolutely needed but anything you want to know is here...
  11. M

    AudioQuest HUSKY 3 and 5 mtr available

    Current version of this Subwoofer cable, Audioquest have this to say: Current prices at futureshop, 3Mtr - £339, 5 Mtr - £429 Price for these, 3Mtr - £225. 5Mtr - £325 Can do a pic of the 5Mtr if needed but currently its feeding my PSW4000...
  12. Codexy054

    Chord Company/Audioquest/Ixos

    Folks up for grabs some cables I no longer need; Chord Signature Reference Speaker cables 3m - £400 - SOLD Ixos Ixotica IX35 RCA 1m fully boxed £250 - UNDER OFFER Ixos Ixotica IX35 RCA 2m fully boxed £300 - UNDER OFFER Audioquest Colorado XLR 2m £400 - STILL AVAIL Price reduced Audioquest...
  13. S

    Audioquest FLX/SLiP 14/4 loudspeaker cable ~ 5m pair bi-wire

    This is good quality, 'basic', 'speaker cable. I've used this extensively in the past, as it's easy to route, is well made and is fairly subtle visually. I'm gradually clearing all of my various bits and pieces gathered over the past while. So, this is a 5m pair of Audioquest FLX/SLiP 14/4...