1. D

    SOLD *SOLD* Cardas Clear Reflection Interconnect XLR-XLR 1m

    For Sale: Cardas Clear Reflection Interconnect cable, 1 metre balanced XLR-to-XLR. A fantastic cable that builds on the strengths of the classic Golden Reference, and adds greater midband texture and high-frequency clarity, while retaining the signature Cardas warmth...
  2. S

    SOLD Audeze LCD-5 headphones with XLR balanced cable *PRICE DROP*

    Hi everyone, You are looking at a AUDEZE LCD-5 CARBON FIBRE ACETATE FLAGSHIP REFERENCE TOTL PLANAR MAGNETIC OPEN BACK CIRCUMAURAL OVER EAR HEADPHONES. SERIAL NUMBER: 5-1156 Impedance 14 ohms, sensitivity 90 dB (a powerful headphone amplifier is strongly recommended). In very good working...
  3. aswillman

    Audeze LCD-1 with Oidio balanced cable

    Location: Upavon, Wiltshire (or my work in Tidworth). Price: £280 Nice pair of these planar headphones I bought recently.  I’d never tried planar headphones so bought these to try them out.  I really like the sound so have pulled the trigger on some Dan Clark Aeons and these are surplus. They...
  4. JazzyG

    Bryston 4BSST2 - Balanced vs. Single Ended

    I have a Bryston 4BSST2 driving a pair of PMC Twenty23, front end is a current spec Linn Akurate DSM (Katalyst).  I had been using an older Audioquest Diamond (first gen) between the DSM and the amp.  I knew both had balanced options, but for some reason when I looked at the connections on the...
  5. johnny99

    Headphone Amp - Balanced Output

    Hello. Has anyone with a Bryston BHA 1 headphone amp tried both the Single Ended Jack Plug socket and the 4 pin XLR Balanced Socket and noticed any difference? Thankyou.
  6. T

    Audio Research LS15 pre-amplifier

    Valved Audio Research LS15 line pre-amplifier. Excellent condition. Fully operational remote, though this has some minor signs of wear. Fitted with 4 new output valves about 100 hours of use ago.  Also included, if wanted, are single-ended to XLR plugs which allows 'Direct' (see pic) operation...
  7. mike chadwick

    Schiit Mjolnir 2 Balanced Valve Headphone Amp

    Purchased from Electromod on 21st December 2015 (receipt supplied) this is a highly regarded balanced headphone amp that will drive pretty much anything. You can do some tube rolling with this amp and as well as the original supplied tubes i'm including a pair of NOS Mullard Amperex Red Label...
  8. incognito73

    Geek Pulse X DAC

    This was imported from the US and it's rarely available for sale on the EU side. This particular DAC was born from the incredibly successful community funded Indiegogo campaign and it's exemplary DAC for the price, matching much more expensive designs. Model X is based on fully balanced (dual...