1. napoleonblownafet

    BiAmping with Active Crossovers

    Hi, I currently have a build going on of a BiAmping box and need a little help. It's basically four separate power amps in one conventional-size enclosure with nice big heat-sinks. It also has: - Separate regulated power supplies for L & R - Speaker DC offset protection for both tweeter...
  2. R

    Passive Bi-Amp Sneaky DS & LK85

    Hi folks I’m looking for some advice with my second system, it presently is: Linn Sneaky DS > Linn Silver > Linn LK85 > Chord Odyssey 2 (factory cable using Russ Andrews Bananna to BFA adaptors and Chord Signature Jumpers) > Mordaunt Short MS812’s I’m presently running this system...