bi wire

  1. Amormusic

    SOLD SOLD SOLD: QED Silver Aniversary BiWire speaker cable

    Sold elsewhere. Mods please move. Cheers   Hi folks, for sale: QED Silver Aniversary BiWire speaker cable.  2x terminated lengths: 1x 3metre  1x 5metre.  Have moved speakers as result of fitting a fire so bought new cable.   Works fine, only points to note as follows. Small part of cable...
  2. S

    Audioquest FLX/SLiP 14/4 loudspeaker cable ~ 5m pair bi-wire

    This is good quality, 'basic', 'speaker cable. I've used this extensively in the past, as it's easy to route, is well made and is fairly subtle visually. I'm gradually clearing all of my various bits and pieces gathered over the past while. So, this is a 5m pair of Audioquest FLX/SLiP 14/4...