1. L

    SOLD: B&W 707 S2s (with stands)

    Selling these great speakers to fund a new purchase. They are in perfect unmarked condition, look and sound fantastic in Rosenut finish. I’ve had them boxed up for the last 10 months or so, as I was reluctant to sell them, but needs must!  I could include my Atacama stands filled with Atacama...
  2. Antz Davis

    My system at Home - NAIM, Linn & B & W

    morning ALL just joined the forum, should of done this some time ago, I was never in the old Linn forum but have been a member of the NAIM forum for a number of years History when I got my first part time job at school the first purchase was a music system - Technics in those days late...
  3. M

    B&W 802 Diamond Speakers in Cherry

    A pair of Bowers and Wilkins ( B&W ) 802 Diamond speakers in Cherry Wood Owned by me from new they have had an easy life and are in mint condition Our new house doesn't have room for them so i am reluctantly putting them up for sale with the funds going towards something slightly smaller...
  4. saiya-jin

    Pairing of B&W 603 S2 with rest of audio setup

    Hi fellow enthusiasts, I am completely new to hifi products, so please excuse my maybe naive approach.  I set myself a goal - build budget good sounding stereo system, to serve couple of use cases: - playing mostly rock music from various sources on PC (flac, mp3, internet radios) -...
  5. I

    B&W 603 s2 Floor Standers in Original Boxes

    Bowers & Wilkins 603 s2   (Floor Standers) Immaculate condition with little use. Original boxes, packing materials, instructions and spikes. PER BOX: (2 boxes) Size: 34x41x97 (cm) each Weight: 20.2kg each. Buyer to collect or organise courier from Ealing, West London. Relocation...
  6. T

    B&W Bowers & Wilkins CM9 BRAND NEW £1800RRP

    B&W Bowers & Wilkins CM9 BRAND NEW Rosewood colour Never been out of the boxes  Will accept £1200
  7. E

    Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) Matrix 805 Speakers

    Wanted: Pair of B&W Matrix 805's. Must be in excellent condition. Can arrange collection.