1. C

    HiFiman Sundara replacement cable

    The cable that comes with the Sundara is stupidly short, so I am looking for a good replacement, about 3M in length. I am not looking at spending silly money, but would not say no to some OCC copper. Any recommendations?
  2. Mr THX

    For Sale Mark Grant G1500HD with KLEi Copper Harmony bullet plugs

    0.75mtr Interconnect perfect working order. These G1500HDs were a special build at the time when Mark was testing out new and different plugs to go on his stunning cables. Previously used between Dac and amp …. No longer required. £55 posted.
  3. Mr THX

    For Sale Speaker Cable / other bits

    NVA ‘LS6’ speaker cables 1.6 Mtr Pair. £150 SOLD For sale 2 x Pair of Nordost superb ‘Solar Wind’ Interconnects. £45 per pair 0.2 Mtr Curious Cable USB A-B £50 REDUCED MeiCord Opal Network Cable 1 mtr £15 REDUCED Perfect working order but has some glue and paint splash. Rondo 2...
  4. AJSki2fly

    FS: Chord Chameleon Vee 3 RCA/Phono cables reduced to £50 including postage SOLD STP

    Time to clear out the cable drawer, so here are a mix I have for sale, I have owned all of them from new. Postage in the UK will be £4.85 1st signed for a pair of cables, this covers up to 1kg of weight. If you purchase several or you are not in the UK I will advise postage costs.  If you are...
  5. redmcq

    FS Kimber 8TC 3.7M Pair

    This set of speaker cables are terminated with Kimber Banana plugs and are in excellent well looked after condition. £350 plus P&P. More pictures available on request.
  6. Fullrange

    For Sale.. The Chord Company Cream Cable. 2 X 4.75m available. Ideal for interconnects and speaker cable.

    I have two runs of Chord Cream Cable. Each run is 4.75m long. It is a two core cable with an outer screen. Original developed as an instrument cable but I have used it for interconnects and speaker cable. One run of 4.75m cable is yours for £20 UK posted.
  7. L

    SOLD - Tellurium Q Black II - 4.5 metre pair

    Would anybody like a pair of 4.5m Black IIs? Terminations are spade to banana. In very good condition with box. £240 delivered (UK only), which looking around I think is a very good price!
  8. M

    Impact of continuous tonearm cable on sondek suspension

    Hello all.  My 1st post here ;-) I am giving serious consideration to purchasing an Audio Origami PU7 tonearm for my Kore chassis Sondek. I have the option of a hard-wired continuous run of phono cable OR a right-angled DIN connector with a separate phono cable. Which option is best for...
  9. Trunky

    A novel speaker cable enhancement?

    12 days ago, by chance, a 6.36kg iron weight had been placed on one of my speaker cables. I won’t bore you with the details of my system, but suffice it to say it is a very highly resolving one with a ‘new’ value in excess of £50K. The salient point is the speaker cable is a copper cable in a...
  10. N

    Linn K20 speaker cable upgrade?

    I’m having a wooden floor put in the lounge and the cable for one of the speakers will have to  somehow go underneath the floor where the room adjoins the conservatory. The K20 is as you will know very chunky indeed and frankly a bit unsightly. Is there a recommended significantly thinner...
  11. Audio Al

    Cable management by Ikea

    Ikea now do cable management  Idebo , part no 903 364 04  Sorted  :D
  12. A

    Mark Grant 8-Way Power Distribution Block

    Purchased this last year as an extra to the one I already have but have since sold some equipment so no longer need. This is the slim metal 8-way power distribution block with a 2.5 metre length cable, as fitted by Mark. Cost me £211 in July last year. Will accept £120 incl. UK shipping via...
  13. daveyu

    Cardas Golden Cross 1.25M phono cable RCA to Straight 5 pin Din

    Back up for sale as i made a mistake about the Din Cardas Golden Cross 1.25M phono cable RCA to Straight 5 pin Din SOLD Excellent Condition Free postage in UK Any questions, just ask
  14. JollyRaja

    Clearer Audio Silver-line Power Cables

    I've upgraded my mains conditioner to one with Schuko sockets so I'm selling my UK mains cables (and old conditioner in a separate post). All cables have been purchased new from Clearer Audio and are fitted with the Furutech FI-UK Mains Plug. The cables are fitted with either 13A or 5A...
  15. alans1957

    REDUCED - Audio Note Japan (Kondo) QSSC Silver Speaker Cable - Used With LV OBX RW's

    .People I have some Audio Note JapanQSSC Speaker Cables (20 strand silver litz) for sale 2 x 115cm pairs and 2 x 120cm pairs which I currently use with my Living Voice OBX RW's for sale. I am looking for £1600 £1400 £1200 £1000 ONO for the 4 stereo pairs. Would be prepared to sell as individual...
  16. C

    Vertex AQ Illimani hi rez usb cable - 1.5m

    Vertex aq Illimani hi rez usb cable 1.5m. New price around £620 and asking what I paid for it, which was £250 inc postage (bought from this parish early in 2016). Very good condition (one mark on casework). Selling because I no longer need this length of USB cable. I'll upload a pic asap...
  17. Just OneMore

    Roksan HD Tonearm Cable - 3 months old

    Sold. Up for sale is my Roksan HD arm cable, bought from Analogue Seduction in May for £285. I bought this for use with my PT Anni as I figured the thin wires leading to the din plug would work well with the Anni's free floating suspension. I have since wired up the RCA sockets at the back of...