1. Audioquest and Gothic Audio Cables II

    Review Audioquest and Gothic Audio Cables II

    Introduction 'Come in, the water's lovely!' 'Come in, the water's lovely!'. Cables are such a boring uncontentious area. Just to nail some colours to the mast, I have found that cables make a difference, and this has been evident to me since I first started listening to a HiFi. At that time...
  2. Gothic Audio Silver Cables

    Review Gothic Audio Silver Cables

    Another day another review, and another opportunity to put my neck on the cable-deniers’ chopping block. Earlier this year I wrote about Puritan Audio’s mains cables, the Classic, the Classic Plus and the Ultimate. The plain-speaking and honest construction favoured by Puritan’s Mike Lester...
  3. Mr THX

    For Sale Speaker Cable / other bits

    NVA ‘LS6’ speaker cables 1.6 Mtr Pair. £150 SOLD For sale 2 x Pair of Nordost superb ‘Solar Wind’ Interconnects. £45 per pair 0.2 Mtr Curious Cable USB A-B £50 REDUCED MeiCord Opal Network Cable 1 mtr £15 REDUCED Perfect working order but has some glue and paint splash. Rondo 2...
  4. D

    New speakers - what changes are required or advised?

    I will be replacing my speakers in a couple of weeks. The current setup is Klimax DS/1 >> Klimax Kontrol/1 >> Klimax Solos >> Akurate 242’s. All equipment is Dynamiked. I will be replacing the 242’s with passive Akubariks in a couple of weeks and this has got me thinking what I...
  5. JazzyG

    Cable Management Tweak - Salamander Synergy

    I discovered a neat little gadget that makes it super easy to manage cables on your rack, especially if you use a Salamander Synergy.  The product is called Gear Tie and they are made by Nite Ize, it is a reusable rubberized twist tie available in a variety of sizes.  However, the 18" ones have...
  6. adiebear

    ABX, Forums etc.

  7. vintageaxeman

    Rats' Nests

    Came across a couple of pics on a German forum, the first of which looked the bees' knees, the second reminded me of the rear cabling of my own system which I am embarrassed about. These are the pics. Is this something we ALL fall foul of, or has anyone got well organised cabling pics that...
  8. Elite Audio

    Elite Audio Welcomes HiDiamond Cables to Portfolio

    Elite Audio have added another fantastic brand to their already 23 strong portfolio. HiDiamond cables becomes the 24th brand to officially be distributed by Elite Audio in the UK.    The Italian cable manufacturer were established back in November 2000, meaning that they've been making cables...
  9. GavJ

    Network speed

    Hi, just picked up a Systemline server, old one but as new.. looks as if it hasn't been used, 320Gb hard drive was empty. I have hard wired it into my network and I am in the process of filling it with FLAC files from my office PC. When I transfer files from my PC to my portable hard drive via...
  10. eyeshigher

    Townshend Isolda Speaker Cables

    For sale are my near mint condition Townshend Isolda, 3 metre speaker cables. Banana connectors either end. The cables are the new version. Price £**** + £15 p&p Collection is welcome from Worcestershire. Thanks for looking Pictures are of cables for sale