1. Ian b

    Wanted Cassette tape deck

    Hi all On the lookout for a good cassette tape player deck, not had a tape deck since the portable one I had as a kid so really don’t know what to look for lol Looking for something that’s in fully working order and doesn’t need servicing or belts etc Thank you Ian
  2. TheFlash

    WITHDRAWN FROM SALE: Vintage Sony WM-22 Walkman- excellent, one owner! £80

    Well blow me (that's a turn of phrase not an actual invitation). I found this Walkman tucked away in a cupboard. Checked 'Bay prices and... well, the world's gone retro, clearly! £90-150 in this condition, and I'm talking sold not asking prices. Excellent condition, light scratches consistent...
  3. N

    cassette deck advice please..

    my son (who's got a nice little system of my hand-me-downs at Uni ) wants to dip his toes into the world of cassette decks.. Can anyone recommend any makes/models to keep an eye out for (bearing in mind this is on a students budget)?? I have no idea so all help appreciated.. festive thanks in...
  4. D

    Sony WM-D6C Servicing

    I have a late 1980s WM-D6C which will no longer FF or RWD and probably needs new belts all over and a tune-up. Can anyone please tell me where I could get it serviced? Thanks, Dr. Matt...
  5. Vintageman

    Tandberg cassette deck with metal tape capability

    I'm looking for a Tandberg cassette deck with metal tape capability.  Such models include the TCD 420A, 440A, 3004, 3014, 910 etc (but not 300 series).  Please PM me if you can help.  Thanks.