1. TheFlash

    WITHDRAWN FROM SALE: Vintage Sony WM-22 Walkman- excellent, one owner! £80

    Well blow me (that's a turn of phrase not an actual invitation). I found this Walkman tucked away in a cupboard. Checked 'Bay prices and... well, the world's gone retro, clearly! £90-150 in this condition, and I'm talking sold not asking prices. Excellent condition, light scratches consistent...
  2. N

    cassette deck advice please..

    my son (who's got a nice little system of my hand-me-downs at Uni ) wants to dip his toes into the world of cassette decks.. Can anyone recommend any makes/models to keep an eye out for (bearing in mind this is on a students budget)?? I have no idea so all help appreciated.. festive thanks in...
  3. D

    Sony WM-D6C Servicing

    I have a late 1980s WM-D6C which will no longer FF or RWD and probably needs new belts all over and a tune-up. Can anyone please tell me where I could get it serviced? Thanks, Dr. Matt...
  4. Vintageman

    Tandberg cassette deck with metal tape capability

    I'm looking for a Tandberg cassette deck with metal tape capability.  Such models include the TCD 420A, 440A, 3004, 3014, 910 etc (but not 300 series).  Please PM me if you can help.  Thanks.