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  1. TheFlash

    Flash sale! classic Sugden A21a with MM phono stage [SOLD]

    It's a requirement of a Wam ad that you include a picture of the actual item for sale. I took a few in a rush yesterday and this is the best... you can imagine how blurred the rest were, can't you! I can put up better photos towards end of next week. I have a cunning plan which this time...
  2. camtwister

    SOLD - Decware Taboo Amplifier - single ended pentode - el84 - Class A

    For sale is a Decware Taboo amplifier. It's a bobby dazzler! The Taboo utilises the EL84 family of power valves. It is a single ended pentode design that runs in Class A. It will puff up its chest and give 6 watts at full power into 8 ohms, when driven with 2.3 volts across the input. It is...
  3. J

    FS Luxman Avance Z504 Power Amp

    Avance Z504 power amp for sale. This is a Luxman amp, built and sold in Europe under the Avance brand. 200 wpc class A/B or 60 wpc class A. Currently configured for class A. This amp runs quite warm and uses a unique heat-pipe cooling system which I’m guessing is liquid filled as it...
  4. TheFlash

    SOLD! Sugden IA-4 - silver, mint, original remote and packaging £2950

    I have a cunning plan; a secret cunning plan; a secret, cunning and probably implausible plan. This plan will only come to fruition if I sell my lovely looking and sounding Sugden IA-4 to a genuine (and patient - see below) buyer. Which is where you, dear discerning wammer, come in. I...
  5. daimler

    Forte Audio Model 2 Class A preamplifier 110/220V with MM/MC adjustable phono stage

    Great vintage preamp. Class A with excellent adjustable phono stage. In great condition. Bought as part of the set but using my home cinema as pre due to room issues and eq. Comes with 110/220V selectable source.  Quite old but very good condition. Want £275 + delivery. Post anywhere for cost -...
  6. Vinylistas

    SOLD: Mastersound Reference Evolution 845 Integrated SET Amplifier

    My Mastersound Reference Evolution 845 integrated amplifier for sale. Parallel single ended triode amplifier using 2 845's per channel. 2x55W. I had it for sale here few months ago for £4500 and then decided to withdraw it from sale, but now due to changes in my system it has to go and I will...
  7. Dkdavid

    Vitus sia25 mk2

    Hi all These do not come up for sale very often so don't let this one pass you by, here is the mighty Vitus sia 25 Mk2 integrated amplifier it must be the best amplifier that I have ever had in my journey with hifi, loads of positive reviews on line, and with reason to be, here are the specs...
  8. M

    Xindak PA-m - Class A power amp (lush)

    For sale, my Xindak PA-m power amp.  Please see the advert on Ebay for details.
  9. E

    For Sale: Forte Audio Model 2 Preamplifier

    This really ought to be a keeper, but it's one-in-one-out at the moment, and it seems a shame to hold on to an amp with such a good phono section when I don't use vinyl. This is a Nelson Pass designed Class A preamp with a separate power supply. In good cosmetic condition for its age. Inside...
  10. I

    Naim SuperUniti March 2016

    Upgrade forces sale of my nearly-new Naim SuperUniti. Purchased new in March 2016, and bears a serial number that corresponds with that date: 4005XX. This comes complete with all original packaging, remote, manuals, etc. It's in pristine condition, and I'll ship it insured FOC. Current price...
  11. daimler

    Nelson Pass 6W class A amp camp with passive pre and headphone out

    This was originally built by JamieMC of this parish but bought off the ebay about half year ago. Great pre amp if you have sensitive speakers and needs bit of gain - i have tried to run off dac but it just dotn work out for me so I guess it needs matching preamp or more sensitive speakers - mine...
  12. phobos0411

    UNISON RESEARCH Preludio valve tube amp 14wpc Class A Barely used in stunning Mahogany

    For sale is my beautiful and unusual Unison Research Preludio which comes with the rarely seen real mahogany wood trim which looks simply stunning. I've barely used the amplifier so you will see the condition of it reflects this. Like new condition, it came straight from Italy to me. This...