1. Nagraboy

    Wanted Croft 25R MM

    Looking for a Croft 25R MM. Let me know if you’re selling, thanks.
  2. F

    I'm selling my exquisite tri-amp quartet.

    Consisting of SOLD: - 1x Croft Acoustics "Micro 25R plus SE" line Pre Amplifier (NP: 1100.- GBP) o Upgrades made from R to RS spec: The line stage uses a slightly different circuit and a different valve and some better parts The power supply uses better capacitors. o Single volume pot...
  3. grahamfocal

    Fs. Croft series 5 power amplifier

    £550 now £500 or swaps considered - headphones.  I am located in Yeovil, Somerset.  Back up for sale Croft 5c power amplifier.  100% collection only, no courier collection, I don't have any boxes. I will not let the buyer take it away without a listen. I can provide tea and...
  4. grahamfocal

    Fs or swap: Glenn Croft 5c amp

    Lovely Glenn Croft valve amp 5c for sale.  Would consider swaps, mc phono stage, turntables, most hifi related stuff tbh.  I would rather this was collected due to delicacy, I don't have any boxes. and you can have a listen then as well.  Please see links to sales threads...
  5. Blodger

    Croft 25r pre and 7R monos - immaculate

    With much regret, have decided to part with my Croft set-up owing to downsizing and the move to an integrated.  The amps, which are in immaculate condition, comprise a 25R line-only pre-amp, and two 7R mono power amps.  They have not been used very intensively, and come from a no-smoking, pet...
  6. S

    Croft and Russell K. Struggling at higher volumes. Please can you help?

    My system has some nice (to my ears) pieces of kit in it, including an Audio Note DAC 0.1x, a Croft Micro 25 preamp, a modified Croft Series 7 power amp producing around 90W/channel, and a pair of Russell K Red 150 loudspeakers. In between are a Chord Shawline digital coax cable, some Atlas...
  7. andreweast

    Croft 25R Preamp (with superb phono stage)

    Croft 25R pre-amp in excellent condition, boxed. £805 posted. This is a fully functional preamp with the superb on-board phono stage. The line stage has the cathode follower circuit designed for use with the 12BH7 (or E80CC and ECC99) valves. The helps for driving power amps with lower...
  8. andreweast

    Croft Micro 25 Preamp

    1. Croft Micro 25 Preamp with superb built in phono stage. SOLD Postage will be approx £22 to the UK, and I'm guessing about £34 to EU.  This has been fitted with the better volume and selector knobs from the 25R and has some extra internal damping fitted. The overall cosmetic condition is...
  9. Audio Al

    SOLD < Croft 25 Micro Basic pre amp / Phono

    Selling my Croft due to a recent upgrade  :) I am the original owner purchased new by me , Condition is 9.5 out of 10 , can't say its as new because I have used it  This one has the built in MM phone stage , is black and has the better black knobs  :D Cost me £400 , selling for £300 , no...
  10. redmcq

    NOS Tesla E83CC or Mullard M8137

    Hello Looking for NOS Tesla E83CC and/or Mullard M8137 to roll the tubes in my Croft Charisma Elite. Anyone??
  11. H

    Croft series 25RS preamp

    I am advertising the following preamp on behalf of a friend:- Croft series 25RS line stage preamp with power supply, interconnect cable and boxes. This is the audiophile range-topper built by Glenn. He has also enhanced the model further by using separate valves for each channel, improved...
  12. T

    Croft Micro 25 Preamp

    Wanted : Croft Mico 25 Basic preamp with the MM phono stage. Ideally with reduced gain settings to work with my Quad 606 but it's not a necessity.  Im in Toronto, Canada. Hopefully shipping would be reasonable :)