1. westlower44

    Amplifier Upgrades and general tinkering

    Just wanted to put something Positive out there for a member of this parish, Juancho (David Coe) The upgrade work he carried out to my World Designs Power (300b), Pre and Phono has lifted the system beyond what I had wished for. David provides a reliable, knowledgable cost effective service...
  2. PuritéAudio

    New Weiss DAC501 in Hong Kong

    Weiss showed their soon to be released Dac501 at the Hong Kong HiFi show, photograph courtesy of MyHiEnd. Keith
  3. Juancho

    DDDac Build With New Boards

    Check out my Website https://adaudioconsultants.wordpress.com  for my latest DDDac build using the new boards. More importantly, with my custom analogue and digital power supplies and a few other tweaks the new board comfortably outperforms the old ones!