1. REW

    SOLD Denon DL110 Cartridge, high output MC, low hours

    I think 50 hours is still low hours, and I suspect it is more likely 50 LPs played. Anyway, as you would hope the cartridge plays perfectly and is very clean, clear and dynamic with extremely good tracking ability on my Technics 1210. Being a HOMC it is happy playing through a standard moving...
  2. TIU

    Marantz Model 30 or Denon PMA-2500NE?

    The Model 30 integrated is an 'analogue' amp whereas the Denon has digital inputs. I'm mostly an analogue user but the Denon's versatility appeals. Anyone experience of either amp?
  3. DomT

    Denon say that USB cables strongly influence sound

    When I was looking to buy a USB cable recently there were a number of comments about them all being the same so long as they were 75ohms etc, although some said all would be the same regardless; very few believed that there would be a difference. So it’s interesting that Denon, who do not make...
  4. Vinylistas

    FS: Denon DL-103 Cartridge with Aluminium Cap

    Denon DL-103 moving coil phono cartridge and the Cap from  Used for less than 20 hours.  £185 posted.  Cash on collection or BT, PayPal friends/family if posted. 
  5. bencat

    Advice on Power Amplifiers

    DENON POA-4400A MONO BLOC - Has anyone heard these amplifiers and if so where they any good ?
  6. Codexy054

    Denon AVR-X7200WA AV Amplifier

    Folks, up for grabs my mint condition Denon X7200WA in Black. It's only 2 years old and fully updated with latest firmware. Comes with all accessories and original box. Not too keen to post, but if a keen buyer wants to arrange their own courier, it would be at their own risk.£1200.00 -...
  7. M

    Denon DL304

    Denon DL304 Cartridge Denon DL304, these are brilliant cartridges. This one I would say requires a re-tip so it is being sold as a non-runner. New old stock versions of these sell for a lot of money. £ - Open to offers. Collection preferred  - Greater Manchester, but would post at cost.
  8. TIU

    Denon F88 integrated amp and tuner

    Denon UPA-F88 Pre-Main Amplifier, 45W pc. Inputs for CD, TAPE, TUNER, PHONO (MM), MD, DVD/AUX. Phones input, treble, bass and balance. Excellent condition. Denon UTU-F88 Tuner, matches the amp. Excellent condition, just a couple of small marks to the front panel. Ideal for a bedroom/study...
  9. C

    Denon DL S1 LOMC Cartridge

    HiI am thinking of moving on a a recently purchased Denon DL S1, it is Denon's flagsjip cartridge (no longer available) and is universally very well regarded. Many say if it were to be made by anyone else it would cost £2k+.Anyhow, take a google and read the reviews. It has approx. 150 hrs on it...
  10. M

    Denon DL-160 cartridge

    As above chaps. Thrill me, wotcha got ? Cheers Mike