1. TheFlash

    Rank my digital inputs - and tell me why

    So my dCS stack is sounding gorgeous. It is the classic original stack, the design is 12-15 years old and, as it goes with the hifi world, times they are a changing: I don't even recognise some of the digital inputs. USB? Nah. IEEE1394 (Firewire)? Natch. In practice I hook up most sources to the...
  2. pmcuk

    Digital volume control

    There's been a fair amount of discussion about volume controls recently, and it would be helpful to hear from those on the forum who can talk with some experience about digital volume controls. Plus anyone who has any views and ideas to share. I freely admit that digital electronics is outside...
  3. G

    Streaming / Digital Advice

    I am happy with my current equipment but to say it is dated is an understatement - but I am very happy with the listening experience.    Contemplating 'modernising' by having my CD collection ripped and integrate streaming services such as TIDAL or Qobuz. Current set up: - Systemdek+Linn Basik...
  4. Dkdavid

    Melco N1A Digital Libary 2x2tb storage also streams via kazoo

    Hi All bought this a while ago for a storage solution which it does very well, with oodles of storage. A few surface marks on the top plate (see photos) nothing terrible but you need to know about them, but they will be out of sight when its in your rack. £800.00 Plus postage. Comes with...
  5. MelodyMan

    Anyone know the Ground Sound DCN28 Digital Crossover/DSP

    Does anyone have experience with the Ground Sound DCN28 Digital Crossover. I am looking for a DSP for a 4 way active speaker build and this Danish product looks very well made although it does carry a hefty price tag (£3,750). This is comparable to the...
  6. Gizza

    In praise of the MiniDsp

    After considering a purchase of a Minidsp unit for a while, I recently bought a Minidsp 2x4HD unit from Luke (insider9) of this parish. It was purchased mainly to act as an active crossover to my Quad ESL63 and Gradient SW63 subwoofer combo. Gradient supply an active crossover with the subs and...
  7. Gizza

    Minidsp 2x4 HD required

    As per title, looking for a Minidsp 2x4 HD unit and power supply. Must be the HD version due to it's extra features.  Many thanks, Gary.
  8. incognito73

    Elac AM180 Active Speakers

    Brilliant active speakers and unusually they are actually good looking too! and quite domestically acceptable. This was used at my office, paired with the excellent Matrix Mini-I Pro2 DAC (listed separately)  via balanced pre-amp connection. It's superb system, but speakers are surprisingly...
  9. daveyu

    Furutech Digital Reference 1.2m RCA - RCA

    Furutech Digital Reference 1.2m RCA - RCA as new £475.0 Reference digital cable.
  10. Elite Audio

    Audiophilleo Now Distributed by Elite Audio UK

    Elite Audio are pleased to announce that they are now the official UK distributors of Audiophilleo in the UK. The American manufacturer becomes the 23rd brand to be distributed by Elite Audio.  Audiophilleo specialise in creating high-end USB to S/PDIF processors to enhance the sound quality of...
  11. JollyRaja

    Chord Signature BNC-BNC Digital Tuned ARAY cable

    Chord Company 1m BNC to BNC Signature Digital Tuned ARAY interconnect for sale for £275. Original box etc. Excellent condition. Was £450 new. I used this cable to connect my Naim NDX streamer to my Chord DAVE DAC. Replaced the NDX with a Melco music server so I'm using an USB cable now. I can...
  12. D


    Hi I'm looking for a high quality Streamer that also has WiFi and Bluetooth. Location prevents running a network cable to it so unless it is Bluetooth capable I wont be interested. Flexible budget but ideally less than £1000 What is out there or what have you got that you would part with...
  13. eyeshigher

    Shunyata Zitron Anaconda AES Digital

    For Sale, my Shunyata Zitron Anaconda 1 metre AES Digital cable.  This cable was purchased new in February 2016 Pictures of actual cable. £****** Postage £10.00 Collection welcome from Worcestershire
  14. Cyclopse

    DH Labs Silver Sonic D110 AES/EBU digital interconnect 1.5M

    No longer required by me.  Made by DH Labs in the USA this digital interconnect. AES/EBU balanced digital connection. In mint condition. Length of this Silver Sonic cable is 1.5 metres.  Any questions please ask.  Price £55.
  15. A

    Analysis Plus Digital Oval 1M

    For sale.  Analysis Plus Digital Oval, 1 metre length with 3 pin XLR terminations. Excellent condition. SOLD.
  16. S

    MIT AVT 1 RCA digital interconnect

    Hi Wammers I'm looking for the above cable, ideally 1 metre but all considered. I have cash but I also have a Townshend DCT AES/EBU digital cable which I can offer part ex if interested. cheers
  17. C

    Chord Signature Digital Coaxial Interconnect RCA (1 metre length)

    Chord Signature Digital Coaxial Interconnect Cable RCA-RCA 1m long. In excellent condition Included original packaging and box. £120.00 including postage to mainland UK Payment by bank transfer please.
  18. PuritéAudio

    A digital primer

    Monty Montgomery's excellent digital explained seminars, Keith
  19. O


    For Sale  A 1 metre digital cable with RCA phonos from the renowned CHORD Co. This SIGNATURE digital cable is in very good condition and utilises 2 sepate and insulated cables, one for the signal and a separate return. £70.00 inc postage within the UK