1. D

    Konfig Problem

    Hi Linn Folks, on my PC "Konfig" is not working properly. After starting up the following is displayed: "ds software update required to configure ds in this window" THanks in advance
  2. B

    Mono signal as output of DSM?

    Dear music lovers, There were times in the past in which amplifiers were aquipped with a "Mono" button. When using a tape deck, it made sense to switch from Stereo to Mono while adjusting the bias at the tape deck. But without tape decks, it seems no longer necessary to have the possibillity to...
  3. S

    DSM HDMI question

    I have a question about HDMI on a DSM. When the HDMI output is not connected, can it still process stereo audio from HDMI input, to analog or digital (if any) output? Sometimes I may want to turn off the display (or there is no display in the setup), and still listen to stereo HDMI audio input...
  4. JensA

    Songcorder: Record your vinyl with the Majik of Klimax (so Akurate!)

    There used to be a thread on the lost Linn Forum, but this might still be interesting: Any Majik/Selekt/Akurate/Klimax DSM owner considering to archive/save Vinyl digitally in HiRes should give Songcorder a try. It‘s free - donations to the developer via PayPal are most welcome - and I love...
  5. vicdiaz

    Akurate DS/0 and Akurate Kontrol not communicating

    Hi, Several months ago my Akurate DS/0 and my Akurate Kontrol preamp stopped communicating with each other, and I cannot control the preamp from Kazoo or any other control software app. I swapped the interconnecting cable with a new one from Linn but no luck,  have done full factory resets to...
  6. Jtx

    What power amp for a Majik DSM ?

    Hello everybody, I use to have a Majik aktiv system with a Majik DSM/2 , 2 Majik 4100 and Majik 140 speakers. It was an absolutely brilliant system and i enjoyed it a lot but now i just want some change and a passive, more simple system based on the Majik DSM and the Majik speakers I am...