dual concentric

  1. philwalm

    FS Tannoy Definition D700s - Rosewood

    Reluctantly selling my beloved pair of Tannoy Definition D700s Purchased direct from Tannoy new in 1994, Immaculate condition as they have been fastidiously looked after by me since new. Grills cloths are also perfect, with no marks or any pulls. They come complete with floor spikes and hard...
  2. bencat

    Help with Tannoy Drivers

    Looking for a bit of guidance for something I am thinking about looking at but not just now . I have recently done two projects with passive speakers converted to active (Monitor Audi and Kef 103 Reference) . In the most part this went well and did not task my technical and practical skills too...
  3. P

    Tannoy Lancaster Speakers 15" Monitor Gold LSU/HF/15/8

    Tannoy Lancaster Speakers 15" Monitor Gold LSU/HF/15/8 Drivers and crossovers are pristine, cabinets are in very good condition.  I can assist with delivery and happy to audition. Photos can be viewed here:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pv9tlx8zjxl6exq/AAAdz_G8R7bmC34RaWhacUXQa?dl=0 Asking...