1. Audio-Philia

    Vinyl Revival weekend @ Audio-philia - 11th & 12th March

    This Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th March, from 10am to 6pm BOTH days, we'll be showcasing a selection of turntable systems, ranging from affordable entry level designs to the most exotic offerings, and be in for a chance to win £100 worth of vouchers to be spent in store!  ^_^ More info by...
  2. Audio-Philia

    Meze 99 Classics - Style and substance on the go.

    Last week I received the Meze 99 Classics, a new headphone that offers a warm yet punchy sound that is exceptional value at this price point. The fit and finish is fabulous, with a mix of elegant curves and real wood that is a pleasure to hold and wear. Paired with our Questyle QP1R DAP it...