1. Fullrange

    Audiolab DC Blocker. Boxed. £69 posted.

    This is my second unused Audiolab DC Blocker. I'm keeping one to use because they work for me. Boxed and unused. £69 UK postage.
  2. Patu

    FS: Puritan Audio Laboratories PSM136 Power Filter / Purifier *SOLD*

    About one month old unit in perfect condition. I liked what it does to sound quality in my system but I've decided to keep the setup simple and avoid raising box count at this point. Three pieces of Puritan power cables I also ordered are staying in my system. The unit comes with five year...
  3. Sir_Franc

    Welding glass

    Having read about welding glass used as a cheap version of a big stopper I took the plunge last night and ordered a couple of pieces from ebay. Total cost of the two pieces £1.98! Has anyone else tried, and what was your verdict? I'll update once they've arrived and I get a chance to use them...