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    Spendor D7 Floor Standing Speakers - NOW SOLD

    For sale is a mint pair of Spendor D7 Speakers in cherry. They sound great, purchased from new during 2016 Can obviously be heard and seen before purchase, clearly these will be collection only from southampton as very large and heavy. These truly are an awesome set of speakers Will be boxed...
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    Monitor Audio GR20 walnut (pair)

    Hi all, Thinking of selling my Monitor Audio GR20 (walnut) speakers. Just wanted to ask on here roughly how much money I would probably get for them..? They’re in good condition overall, but have a couple of small scuffs from moving house. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :) P.S...
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    Convert Floor Standing Speakers to Bookshelf Speakers

    I have a pair of Mission 773 floor standing speakers. They sound great, but the finish (black wood effect vinyl) has started to peel off, it is possible the previous owner let them get slightly damp or the material has over time become too tight and come off on its own. I think it's called...