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  1. ravsanmut

    For Sale Marantz KI Ruby for Sale

    Hi All, for sale is my Maratnz Ki Ruby. Limited edition designed by the legendary Ken Ishiwata before he died. Most people on Higiwigam will have heard about the Signature Ruby series. For those who want more details , here is some info: There were only 1000 produced to commemorate Marantz...
  2. Jelly Tussle


    I have reluctantly decided to sell my HD DVD collection which consists of six players and 270 film titles. That’s five stand-alone players and the Xbox HD DVD drive. All the machines are working and in excellent condition. The list of players are - 2 X Toshiba HD XE1 players, boxed, both with...
  3. G

    Mission 770, 2023

    Hi all, I am selling my recently purchased Mission 770. They are absolutely fantastic, just like the reviews claim. But on the large side for my room. They are 1 month old, in absolute mint condition, from a pet and children-free environment. I upgraded to the Dynaudio Heritage Specials, much...
  4. G

    Cayin cs-55a tube integrated amplifier 2021 REDUCED

    Used, 2021, 1 owner, purchased brand new (not ex-demo or open box), in immaculate/mint condition, as new, esthetically and functionally. Non-smoking, child-free, and pet-free environment. This is the model without phono. All original accessories included. Happy to provide more pics if needed...
  5. G

    SOLD Wharfedale LINTON Heritage 2021 Speakers + Stands REDUCED

    Wharfedale LINTON Heritage 2021 Speakers + Stands Condition: excellent, like new, 1 owner, purchased brand new (not ex-demo or open box). Non-smoking environment, pet free. Included Accessories: - 8 gold spikes - Front grilles - Stands Purchased these as my first speaker. It is truly...
  6. lamboy

    For Sale Gato DIA-250S NPM for sale

    For sale one excellent amplifier in mint condition which sadly is no longer being used due to selling my floorstanders and downsizing to some active standmounts. Pet and smoke free household. I am the first owner, bought brand new in Aug 2020, I have the extended warranty to 21/08/2025, and the...
  7. Mr THX

    SOLD Russell K RED 100 Speakers (Inc Graham Audio stands) Make me an offer

    As new and in mint condition. Russell Ks RED 100 Speakers £750 BARGAIN Will including the Graham Audio solid steel speaker stands if asking price achieved. Will ship but collection or (fuel paid) drop off is preferred to keep these beauties in perfect condition. See Links after image...
  8. P

    For Sale Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors (Graphite)

    For sale are my Sonus Faber Cremonor Auditors in Graphite (Original, not M version) I have owned them for a few years and I have thoroughly enjoyed the music they produce. Very easy to listen to and a natural/organic sound. The finish is stunning and the work of great craftmanship. Only selling...
  9. lamboy

    SOLD Monitor Audio Gold 300 5G in Piano Ebony

    Monitor Audio Gold 300 5G in Piano Ebony (Excellent), 2 years old. Condition is Used, but immaculate. Location: Telford, Shropshire. Demo's welcome. Price £3200 Description: These have been my first foray into the Monitor Audio sound having owned various speakers over the years, the 5G 300...
  10. Speedracer

    P.S. Vane 12AX7 gold pin matched pair.

    Another matched pair, this time PSVane 12AX7 gold pin valves, consecutively numbered, in as new condition. Not 100% sure on hours, may be less than 50 but definitely less than 100, & again guessing on value but will say £40 for the pair plus £5 postage.
  11. Speedracer

    For Sale Svetlana 12AX7 matched pair low hours.

    Getting around to moving some surplus items in my spares box & first up is a matched pair of Svetlana 12AX7. Not 100% sure of hours but certainly less than 50. I honestly have no idea what they are worth so I am going to say £25 plus £5 postage for now.
  12. bhope58122

    Emoto Sound Supertweeters

    Bought these recently off eBay as a experiment but found that my speakers alone are adequate enough without the need for these.  Still, a nice way to try out supertweeters without breaking the bank.  I paid £162 with postage and they're in the same condition as when I bought them.  Come...
  13. Speedracer

    Origin Live Encounter 3C Tonearm for sale. On hold for now.

    Offered for sale is my Origin Live Encounter 3C tonearm. Easily capable of getting the best out of my Koetsu Urushi Vermillion despite not being a perfect match, which bears out the fact that OL claim that effective mass is not particularly critical when matching cartridge with 'arm. I cannot...
  14. Speedracer

    Denon DP-55K Turntable for sale. Updated.

    I bought this turntable from here not so long ago with the intention of putting it in a custom designed plinth, as I presumed that the electronics were contained in a "cake tin" arrangement, but sadly for me they are not, so I am going to look elsewhere for something more my style. It has...

    Retirement Sale.............SOLD

    I am retiring from audio. Yes, after many years of Audiophilia my system is up for sale. You can buy any or all of the following items. There will be spare tubes available for the tube kit.  Collection would be preferable, especially for the tube kit and speakers. Located in Cheshire...
  16. luckysim0n

    For sale/swap for turntable: B&W PM1's

    Wondering if anyone is interested in a swap my B&W pm1s for a turntable of similar value maybe cash going either way B&Ws where £2400 new with stands mine have got brand new tweeters which have barely been run in speakers are in great condition as I had them sorted stands show a bit of...
  17. S

    Innuos Zenith MK3 Silver ( includes new feet & Ps Audio Power Cable )

    For sale 9 months Old. Invoice can be passed to next Purchaser. RRP £3499 For sale £2595 ( reduced £2450 ) Excellent Condition. Lots of reviews on  this well accomplished server/streamer. Box available  Can demo in Harrogate. Cheers, Stew 
  18. R

    Russ Andrews BMU 1500 Balanced mains unit supply

    Up for sale is my Russ Andrews BMU1500 balanced mains supply.  It has two U.K. output sockets. One @ 1000 Watts and the other @ 500 watts output. In excellent used condition. Purchased from Audio Emotion last year @ £1040 Almost silent in operation. Only selling due to recently buying the...
  19. Speedracer

    Koetsu Black Goldline for sale.

    I bought this Koetsu Black Goldline in April, after it had a full rebuild by David Giffin of Goldring, as near as possible to original spec, including a Ogura diamond tip the same spec as supplied by Koetsu. It is far & away the best cartridge I have ever owned, including some with a higher...

    PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Preamplifier

     PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Preamplifier + remote control. I have upgraded the tubes on this which was sanctioned by Durob Audio (distributors) to Mullard GZ33 rectifiers and Brimar 13D5 for the small signal tubes. The original tubes are available, unused. This pre is as new and was bought brand...