for swap / px -

  1. M

    BNIB Ipad air 16gig for Ipad mini 32gig

    Hi Got the daughter the above as a replacement for her smashed ipad mini but unfortunately I presumed this would be ok but no she wants a newer larger storage mini so happy to trade plus some cash for a minty mini. air was bought off local Gumtree as unwanted gift and is still in its wrapping...
  2. The_Quadfather

    Pair of UTC A-20 output transformers

    Pair of UTC A-20 output transformers - superb for DAC DIY projects, which is how I used them. Includes mounting bracket. £80 collected, or £90 with delivery. Or would swap for a (non-modded) pair of Naim NA322 (mk 3, or 4) MM phono cards. Cheers, John
  3. Dkdavid

    musical fidelity kw500 swap px

    As above did a deal with Rick a little while ago against my 845 monos, and took his kw500 in px, looking again to try something new, hence the listing, looking for £1600.00 firm as a straight sale, or will throw cash into the deal for another amp to go with my new focals, so fire away with...
  4. R

    For sale, Swap or P/X my Altman Attraction Dac. Full spec version.

    My Altmann Attraction Dac, full spec version, Boxed. It had over £1100 worth of upgrades by Paul Hynes last year, invoice incuded. For sale on ebay with pics and description. Looking to sell for around £1000 or will swap p/x for a one box player of similar value. Collection from Doncaster...
  5. hughandella

    Wanted - Snell J's

    I have a nice pair of Snell K Mark I and would be interested in swapping plus cash for a pair of the J's if anyone has a underused pair ---- I'm probably being greedy as the K's work really well but there could be just a little bit more to get out of my amp with the slightly larger design. I'd...
  6. mmar

    Marantz cda 94 dac / pre

    Listing on behalf of a friend who has owned this and the matching cd 94 ( just sold ) for the last 15 years Very rare dac carnt say I've seen many crop up over the years . The dac is in very good condition for its age . Not mint but would be difficult to find a better example Sounds very good...
  7. KND

    Swap QED Screwloc 4x Bananas for your Spades

    Hi Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have 4x of the older QED Screwloc SPADES like this... That they would swap for my 4x BANANAS... Cheers! Karl
  8. R

    B&w cm1

    Hi I have B&W CM1 in gloss black and want to swap for B&W PM1. So, if anybody wants to downgrade please let me know. Cash your way of course.
  9. misterpete

    Anthony K please clear your inbox

    Please clear your Inbox
  10. lamboy

    Audiolab MDAC for sale, mint

    MDAC for sale due to house move. Perfect working order, bought from Creative Audio (Audiolab authorised dealer) in Shrewsbury Nov 2012. Silver colour, all packaging and remote, no dings or scratches, even has the plastic film still on the display. £350 plus postage, free if you can pick up or...
  11. grahamfocal

    Lifatec optical cable

    6 months old lifatec silflex glass fibre cable, 20 inches 0.5 metres as new. Cost about 82 dollars, think I paid about 65 of your English pounds all in. Swap for, well....anything really, maybe something record player related. £40 Inc first class post??
  12. MrLem

    KEF Reference Model Two~Two

    I've always built my system for a large-ish room in anticipation of the country residence I'll acquire when my genius is finally recognised by the world. The world is taking it's time though so I'm considering adjusting to the tiny near-field type situation I have at the moment. I'm in two...
  13. Naimkiller

    Stunning unison research cde in black twin dac version

    Looking to swap, px a unison research cde twin dac version of this stunning cd player inich after black which was a option extra along with the upgraded dac. Only used for the dac really as I don't own many cds probably had 10 hours use as a cd player so I thought about a box swap px even out...
  14. naca5

    (IC) Lampizator Lite 7+Trends Audio+hORNS FP 10

    SOLD THANKS Hi, I barely listen to digital so this set up is for sale, speakers are also to big so hence to sale. I will ad the trends if required :nup: nice match to hORNS (triode will be better of course). I will start a new set-up around a Wilson Benesch Act One (the original one) so any...
  15. H

    Linn intek for cheapy valve amp

    Long shot but anybody have an old cheap valve amp they want to move on and swap for my linn.Is in good working condition with a few marks here and there. mick
  16. naca5

    botw Mark Grant linear power Supply 5V

    Hi, Never used (or 10 min to check it) power supply for 5V devices. If you've a usb device and want to enter in a new world (USB powered device are far from ideal). i bought it for a project who never come around. You will get the quietness of battery without the mess. Same as detailed...
  17. hughandella

    (or Outright sale) Tannoy Devons 12 inch HPD 315 driver

    My partner puts up with a lot and so I am bowing to her pressure on this one (for once) ..... lose the battle to win the war he he Tannoys have been deemed too ugly and old fashioned so are available to swap or sell ------ i've asked for ideas on prices and £600 seems to be at the lower end of...
  18. hughandella

    Or Outright sale --- Impulse H2s in Oak

    Due to unforeseen circumstances I need to raise some funds -- it is a reluctant sale as these are the best speakers I have owned ( I'm not saying these are 'better' speakers but they worked better for me than a pair of LV Auditoriums )... As funds are important right now they have to be offered...
  19. SMEagol

    Free Mamiya C330 and sugano light meter in spirit of the Wam...

    Camera's a bit knacked but its free if anyone was thinking about getting her fixed, so you have a head start... Looks rather good. Probs with wind on and shutter release slide button. But hey, its free. Seems a shame to have as a posh paperweight. Have a nosey. Not everyone looks there.
  20. naca5

    Dynavector P75 MKIII+LPS for a decent MC cart

    SOLD thanks