1. L

    SOLD 1980s Sansui HiFi £FREE

    Hello WAMers, A repost of this ad as a couple of enquiries have unfortunately fallen through, available again: I am looking for a new custodian for my parents' 1980s Sansui hifi consisting of: A-60 amp D-100 cassette deck T-60 tuner FR-D4 record deck I have many happy memories of this system...
  2. alby

    Linn Kan Mk1 stands ( rubber feet - no spikes)

    HI all Taking up space are my Linn Kan mk1 stands , which I bought in the 80s to accompany my Linn Kans - I moved the Kans on ( Idid not get on with them)  and used them with a range of bookshelf/ standmount speakers and because they can be placed close to a wall to support the bass...
  3. B

    Scanspeak Discovery Ring-radiator tweeters

    Pair of R2604/833000 (dual chamber ring radiator tweeters, based on the Vifa XT25) free to a good home.
  4. B

    Scanspeak Discovery Midwoofers 12w/8524G00

    Pair of Scanspeak Discovery 4” midwoofers, free to a good home.
  5. B

    Hifiberry / B&O Beocreate Board + 120W Meanwell Power supply

    Beocreate Raspberry Pi Hat - DSP module with four channels of amplification (3 no TPA3118d2 chips, one running in stereo model, two each running in BTL mode). Supplied with Meanwell SMPS 😱 power brick GST120A20-P1M. Bring your own Pi & IEC C13 cable. Will post or collection from Beckenham.
  6. R

    Elac Debut B5 Speakers - Now taken

    I don't seem to have permission to post this on the 'Spirit of the Wam', so hopefully OK to post here: It’s been a year since I moved, so it’s about time I started going through some boxes from the garage and seeing what’s surplus to requirements. First up are a pair of Elac Debut B5 speakers...
  7. Amormusic

    Perrixx wireless ergonomic keyboard

    Hi folks, This has been used for a couple of hours only, so is effectively brand new. It's one of the weird looking split keyboard ones with the separate number pad to the right. These are amazing to type on and stop rsi! Note this is a German keyboard. So some of the punctuation signs do not...
  8. bencat

    Free pair of heavy speaker stands

    Pair of very heavy speaker stands so collection only . I am based in Liverpool so contact me to arrange collection.
  9. hearingisbelieving

    **cancelled** WAM Taxi Deutschland to Worcester

    **due to a change of circumstances I will now be flying so I have to retract this offer sorry** Hi Wammers, I will be driving from my home in Rhineland-Pfalz to visit family in Worcester and surrounding area.  If anyone has anything they would like a hand getting across the channel just let...
  10. lazycat

    Dual CS 5000 Belt

    This has been used for approx 20 mins. Bought for a t/t fettle, said t/t was sadly buggered. It is a  Thakker so I assume good quality.. Flat, ground etc. 4mm wide and about 650mm length. Although for a Dual CS 5000, if it's any use let me know
  11. bencat

    Denon PMA 250 III integrated Amplifier

    I have this amp that needs to go I want it to be used not taken as a back up it is in good condition but the selector switch needs cleaning . Has a very decent Phono stage and sounds much better than it has any right to . I am based in Liverpool and would prefer collection a donation to a...
  12. SteveS1

    Hi Fi Rack (see pics)

    This belonged to a late friend and is available to anyone who would like it for the price of collecting it from TN8 in Kent. If anyone recognises the maker and would care to chip in, feel free. It looks like it can be dismantled. Ignore the cardboard, that comes from an AV rack that is in...
  13. lazycat

    SACD. Free to good home.

    Bought this in a charity shop 2 days ago. Never noticed it was a SACD. I'm sure someone would appreciate it. CD layer plays fine. Please pm.
  14. g8ina

    Wanted please, armboard template for a Thorens TD125MKII SME cutout ??

    Evening all, I need to make two new armboards for a customer for his matching pair of TD125MKIIs. To fit SME 3009. Would really appreciate dimensions or a template, looked all over the web and cant see anything ! Quite surprised actually ! Ta David
  15. JezR

    CD Racks

    9 CD racks various sizes, collection only from Brighton.
  16. J

    Any use to someone with an air bearing tonearm?

    Having a bit of a cupboard clearout today and found this unopened pack of tubing, purchased for a fishtank we no longer own. It's 2.5m long, with internal and external diameters of 4mm & 6mm respectively. Before I bin it, would it help anyone out for an air bearing tonearm? (or for that...
  17. Beckenham

    Scam Adverts on the Forum

    Hi all wam comunity,  Very important notice from our moderator Rabski, and I confirm absolutely that he said on the post. I remember a couple years ago, 2018, not sure, but i had already warned about the scam problem on here, I received a few pm messages from somebody based on USA sayin that...
  18. julesd68

    Zero Dark Thirty - Blu-ray

    I have a spare Blu-ray copy of the superb Zero Dark Thirty about the hunt for Bin Laden. If you'd enjoy this please drop me a PM.
  19. minimido

    Old bits of hifi + furniture available for collection

    Need to clear out my place. If nobody takes any of this within a couple of weeks I'll have to dump it. Collection from north London. 2 Pioneeer receivers - one SX-790 – it's a bit shabby, functions, but volume pot crackles as well as a few other switches, top vinyl covering lifted off so was...
  20. belloire

    12 month EA Access code for XBOX One

    anybody with an XBOX one want a years free EA access? i don't think this works with the newer S/X models.