headphone amp

  1. A

    SOLD Ferrum Oor + Hypsos

    Ferrum Oor + Hypsos in mint, as new condition. Purchased new from authorised UK dealer in Feb 22 so 10 months old. Both units are in perfect cosmetic and functional condition and come in their original boxes and documentation. Also included is the Ferrum Power Link cable to connect to two units...
  2. B

    Headphones and Akurate hub

    I use the optical out on the Akurate hub with my Phonak Bluetooth transmitter which streams directly to my Phonak hearings-aids. I can balance the sound between the stream and the speakers in the room with the phone app. This is helpful as my hearing continues to deteriorate. At least I have...
  3. livingid

    In praise of International Co-operation

    I am afraid I don't often post but have just had an epiphany whilst equipment wrangling with my lockdown work laptop and Spotify - it keeps me sane or at least mostly sane. I have previously been about single manufacturer Brit-fi (Rega) dating from early Planar3 days. I have dabbled with a ...
  4. Cable Monkey

    AudioStudio Accurate HPA-A281

    An interesting item, a Chinese headphone amp which is a clone of a highly regarded German sold device with a similar model number. It is internally a faithful copy of the original with pretty much the only difference being the casing and branding. Capable of driving anything out there this is an...
  5. P

    Chord Hugo (Silver)

    For sale, a Chord Hugo in silver, great condition, barely used (which is why I'm reluctantly selling). As you probably know this is a fantastic portable DAC, preamp and headphone amplifier rolled into one, which punches well above its weight. Includes the beautiful black leather case, original...
  6. khapahk

    Creek OBH11 SE Headphone Amplifier

    My spring clean continues ! I bought this unit second-hand about six years but, to be honest, I rarely listen using headphones and it's had very little use in that time. I do not have the original packaging but, if posted, this will be very securely boxed and wrapped. As you can see from the...
  7. incognito73

    Bel Canto C5i Integrated Amplifier

    Excellent and compact ClassD integrated, featured with DAC, headphone amp, pre-amp, remote control, phono stage! and based on highly regarded ICE Power 125ASX2 ClassD modules. It's little box of tricks, but importantly enough it doesn't sacrifice any supporting feature because of the...
  8. mike chadwick

    Questyle CMA600i

    Bought this from Audiologica on 16th August 2016 as a temporary solution for my home office setup. Great little headphone amp/ dac which has received very positive reviews. Time for someone else to enjoy this unit as I've now upgraded to a T&A amp/dac. Excellent condition with remote and...
  9. Elite Audio

    Elite Audio Becomes Erzetich’s Official UK Distributor

    Elite Audio Distribution are now the official UK distributor of Erzetich headphone amplifiers and accessories. The Scottish based company now distributes the handcrafted, Slovenian made amplifiers.   The Erzetich range features four headphone amplifiers, all handcrafted with the finest...
  10. mike chadwick

    Schiit Mjolnir 2 Balanced Valve Headphone Amp

    Purchased from Electromod on 21st December 2015 (receipt supplied) this is a highly regarded balanced headphone amp that will drive pretty much anything. You can do some tube rolling with this amp and as well as the original supplied tubes i'm including a pair of NOS Mullard Amperex Red Label...
  11. mike chadwick

    Luxman P-700U Headphone Amplifier

    Selling my Luxman P-700U Headphone Amp. This is a beast of an amplifier - weighs in at over 12 Kgs and has enough power to drive any headphone to number 11. Purchased in June 2016 on eBay, the original listing read: "I bought this from Analogue Seduction in March for £3000...
  12. mike chadwick

    WTD: Auralic Taurus Mk2

    Looking for an excellent condition Taurus Mk2. PM me if you have one available.