1. M

    Quality Headphone + Amp recommendations?

    As a confirmed valve pre+power + Quad ESL63 fan (main system) wondering if I can replicate or even improve on it with some quality cans and amplifier for home office or just quieter listening? Current pre/power doesn't have headphone jack. Source would be Qobuz streaming via SBT. Listen to huge...
  2. limbok

    For Sale HiFi Sales - All sorts of stuff!

    Hello All This is my master page for the various listings I have available. If its listed here its still for sale or noted otherwise. Click on an item to see more details. Item Price Pic Musical Fidelity Elektra E100 Integtrated Amp + E60 CD Player £500 Audio Techica AT 1120 Ultra...
  3. limbok

    For Sale Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones in immaculate condition

    For sale a lightly used pair of Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphones in white and grey. Complete with all accesssories and original box and manual. One beautiful lady owner. And of course they are fully operational...lets say they have been lightly run in! I tried them tonight and they compare...
  4. OxfordAudioConsultants

    HeadFi Event with Sennheiser HE1 / dCS Vivaldi and MORE!!!

    Thursday 7th September - 11am to 7pm Experience a £150K Sennheiser HE1 & dCS Vivaldi System! Join us on Thursday 7th September to experience the pinnacle of HeadFi from the best brands in the world Including Audeze, Focal, Meze, Sennheiser, Stax and many more. There's nothing better to extract...
  5. CageyH

    HiFiman Sundara replacement cable

    The cable that comes with the Sundara is stupidly short, so I am looking for a good replacement, about 3M in length. I am not looking at spending silly money, but would not say no to some OCC copper. Any recommendations?
  6. chrisph

    SOLD Nuraphone Headphones Price reduced.

    Nuraphone Headphones Price: £180 Now £140 plus p&p Collection from Portsmouth area. Purchased new March 2019. Light usage in that time and not used for over six months so time to move them on. Ideal for anyone with some slight hearing problems as the personalisation can help compensate. Sale...
  7. A

    SOLD RME ADI-2 Pro FS R Black Edition

    Selling my unused RME ADI-2 Pro FS R AD/DA converter/headphone/pre amp that I bought new 1 year ago with the intention to use for digitising my vinyl collection but I just haven't used it at all. I've taken it out of the box for visual inspection and also powered it up to check operation and...
  8. moriez

    HiFiMAN Sundara

    Trying my chances here too. I'm a reputable trader on Head-Fi where this ad runs in parallel   In from a trade just a couple days ago. I'm rating condition at least 9/10 because of a few tiny imperfections. Invoice specifies 14 months young and will be shipped together with its original box...
  9. johnny99

    Headphone Amp - Balanced Output

    Hello. Has anyone with a Bryston BHA 1 headphone amp tried both the Single Ended Jack Plug socket and the 4 pin XLR Balanced Socket and noticed any difference? Thankyou.
  10. B

    Trafomatic Headphone amplifiers

    Trafomatic are currently bench testing our Head1 and Head2 Headphone Amplifiers ready to dispatch to the UK next week. More when they arrive.... Head2 by Jack Durant, on Flickr
  11. phobos0411

    SOLD Mcintosh MXA 70 in like new condition, beautiful system.

    I am selling my Mcintosh MXA 70 as a headphone amp of this caliber is no longer required for my needs. It is in spotless, like new condition and comes with all the included original accessories including speakers cables, remote and original packaging. The amp was purchased new and wants for...
  12. C

    Audeze Headphones for sale

    I have a brand new pair of Audeze EL-8s, I was given them as a present but I would rather use the money towards something in their LCD range. I am looking for £450 but I'm happy to look at offers. I will be shipping this via my shops Interlink account so that they arrive safely and are...
  13. C

    Audeze EL-8s for sale £450

    I have a brand new pair of Audeze EL-8s, I was given them as a present but I would rather use the money towards something in their LCD range. I am looking for £450 but I'm happy to look at offers. These are brand new, never opened and come with full warranty. I will be shipping this via my...
  14. E

    For Sale: TQ Iridium Listen Headphone / Preamp

    Outstanding Headphone Amplifier / Preamp designed by Colin Wonfor. Transparent and refined. Very rare - only 12 made! Can drive two pairs of headphones at the same time and functions as a preamp too. Automatically selects input which is nifty. This is the higher gain HE version and the volume...