1. britishcomposers

    Foreign takeovers of established UK names

    Before I get started with this topic as new member here, I must for the record state that I am not 'in the hi-fi industry' as manufacturer or seller of my own product (anymore) but merely operate as freelance adviser with my own established client base, built from 36 years in and out of the...
  2. U

    System Upgrade Advice Please

    Hi all,I hope you can assist me & offer some advice. I am looking to upgrade my current system, my set up is:-Amp: Cyrus IIIiTurntable: Rega RP1 (standard with Carbon stylus).Speakers: B&W CDM1 SEI also hook up a Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2 and an Astell & Kern AK70 for lossless...
  3. F

    Please help! Need active speakers but not knowledgeable enough!

    Hi please can you folk help me  need to buy a pair of active speakers to connect to a turntable for a simple set up- as a present. But I don't know enough to make an informed choice. What would you recommend? What's best between those two? Would they good for what I need? Roth Oli Powa-5 Or...
  4. P

    Dynavector Hx100 & L300

    I have the rear Dynavector  Hx100 power amp and L300 Per amp mint condition for sale and I am looking for £5999 OVNO. This is my first time and if I can add photos I will add. Thanks for looking.