1. Vinylistas

    FS: Klipsch Heritage La Scala AL5 Speakers

    As there are no takers for my JBL K2 speakers yet, I decided to offer latest version of Klipsch La Scala as cannot keep two pairs of large and expensive speakers in my flat. Current AL5 version in American walnut. Retails at £14000. £SOLD collected from Woolwich Arsenal.
  2. Mike Milne

    Wanted - Speaker cable for Single Driver Beauhorns

    Hi as this Forum is so helpful ( creeping out of the way) and you have in the past helped me buy my Beresford Caimen Seg Dac I thought I would try again. Due to the acquisition of Beauhorn Rhapsody B2.2 I find myself needing longer suitable speaker cable as my 2x 3 metre VDH and Van Damme 6 no...
  3. Mike Milne


    Any body else own these speakers model Rhapsody B2.3 . I bought them last night after a demo with my amps - Crofts. I never thought I would enjoy Johnny Cash , Ella Fitzgerald or Opera , more of a TD , prog ,light jazz guy. But last night I heard them for a few hours with a variety of genres and...
  4. PuritéAudio

    Cessaro Horn Loudspeakers

    Purité Audio have the superb Cessaro 'Liszt' four way horn loudspeaker on permanent demonstration. Ralph Krebs of Cessaro uses only the finest drivers TAD, Supravox and GIP and components, the speakers are built without compromise. Keith
  5. Audio-Philia

    hORNS, Fezz and LampizatOr - Thinking outside the box!

    Good news for Scotland... Bored of "me too" hifi boxes?  Imagine strikingly beautiful equipment with an air of bespoke design about them filling your room with an amazingly natural sound that will keep you hooked for hours - that's what hORNS, Fezz and LampizatOr are all about. Are you...