1. About the new NVA

    News About the new NVA

    "I'm delighted that the NVA name lives on and that Richard Dunn's designs have been subtly improved and made more accessible." David Price (Global Editor, Stereonet) NVA is the British hi-fi amplifier manufacturer founded in 1982 by Richard Dunn. The brand is now being taken forward by Tom...
  2. Mr THX

    For Sale Mark Grant G1500HD with KLEi Copper Harmony bullet plugs

    0.75mtr Interconnect perfect working order. These G1500HDs were a special build at the time when Mark was testing out new and different plugs to go on his stunning cables. Previously used between Dac and amp …. No longer required. £55 posted.
  3. D

    SOLD *SOLD* Cardas Clear Reflection Interconnect XLR-XLR 1m

    For Sale: Cardas Clear Reflection Interconnect cable, 1 metre balanced XLR-to-XLR. A fantastic cable that builds on the strengths of the classic Golden Reference, and adds greater midband texture and high-frequency clarity, while retaining the signature Cardas warmth...
  4. Fullrange

    For Sale.. The Chord Company Cream Cable. 2 X 4.75m available. Ideal for interconnects and speaker cable.

    I have two runs of Chord Cream Cable. Each run is 4.75m long. It is a two core cable with an outer screen. Original developed as an instrument cable but I have used it for interconnects and speaker cable. One run of 4.75m cable is yours for £20 UK posted.
  5. Vinylistas

    Wanted: 2 pairs of RCA interconnects

    Looking to buy 2 pairs of RCA interconnects. Something decent, but not for crazy money. Ideally both sets of the same. 1m or longer.  Will use with valve equipment (pre and power).  Please let me know if you're planning to sell some. 
  6. clifton

    Philosophy Cables/Senso Systems Paragon Interconnects (Palladium) 3 x 1m pairs

    Selling my rare Philosophy Cables/Senso Systems Paragon Interconnects (Palladium) 3 x 1m pairs Philosophy Cables (now defunct) made some very expensive cables made with Palladium. They are mentioned in Tony Bolton's 2015 review of Tellurium Q Black  Diamond speaker cable in Hi-Fi World...
  7. JazzyG

    Bryston 4BSST2 - Balanced vs. Single Ended

    I have a Bryston 4BSST2 driving a pair of PMC Twenty23, front end is a current spec Linn Akurate DSM (Katalyst).  I had been using an older Audioquest Diamond (first gen) between the DSM and the amp.  I knew both had balanced options, but for some reason when I looked at the connections on the...
  8. Jail4CEOs2

    Exaktbox-i high level connection for subwoofers <HOWTO>

    This has been asked, but it deserves it's own thread that is hopefully indexable for future searchers. Can a subwoofer like REL or BK be connected "high level" via their Speakon connectors to the bass outputs of an Exaktbox-i? Is all the information contained in the music in the bass signal, or...
  9. B

    Recommended interconnects for KW500

    Hi all Just set up a new (to me) Musical Fidelity KW500 in my system.  However, having moved from Naim I realised I’ll need to change all my interconnects to RCA (not DIN).  I have a Rotel RCD-991 (tweeked with Burson V6 opamps); Rega RP8/Apheta, and Mission 991 speakers.  Any suggestions for...
  10. unintended1

    Chord Signature 1m RCA Interconnects for Sale

    For sale a pair of Chord Signature 1m RCA interconnects. Fully working in good condition but WITHOUT the optional earth cables. Photo is of the actual cables for sale. Just incase you don't know - these are not very flexible cables. £200 £180 inc P&amp;P via Royal Mail Special Delivery
  11. blackhawk6969

    Transparent audio, Analysis Plus, JPS Labs and Synergistic cables

    Hi guys,I have four mid and high end cables for sale. I have original boxes for two of themTransparent Audio MusicLink Ultra interconnect MM1(1 metre RCA) in good condition. The sweet spot of Transparent audio interconnect cable range. One of the best hi-end cables Selling...
  12. F

    Cables clear out... Snake River Audio and Core Audio Technology

    Hi, All cables below for sale below are in excellent condition. Please feel free to PM if any questions etc. thanks for looking. 1 X PAIR of Signature Series Mamushi XLR-XLR interconnects from Snake Rive Audio of 1m length. Retail price = £1,300 with the Neutrik Gold XLR. For sale at...
  13. eyeshigher

    Shunyata Zitron Python 1 metre XLR

    For sale my Shunyata Zitron Python 1 metre XLR, includes original box. These are excellent interconnects, pictures of actual cables. £675.00 Postage £15.00 Collection welcome from Worcestershire Thanks for looking.
  14. eyeshigher

    Analysis Plus, Solo Crystal Oval Interconnects 1 metre XLR

    For Sale, my last pair of Analysis Plus, Solo Crystal Oval Interconnects 1 metre XLR.  Pictures of actual cables. £**** Postage £10.00 Collection welcome from Worcestershire
  15. westlower44

    Linn Black interconnects sold

    1 X pair  Linn Black interconnects, used for under a year, no box Ex condition  1.2 m long  sold INCLUDING DELIVERY
  16. eyeshigher

    Shunyata Zitron Python 1 metre RCA

    Shunyata Zitron Python 1 metre RCA, includes original box. These are excellent interconnects, pictures of actual cables. £630.00 Postage £15.00 Collection welcome from Worcestershire
  17. daimler

    Epiphany acoustics atratus IC and Chord Crimson Plus iC

    Pair of Epiphany acoustic Atratus 1M IC and Chord Crimson Plus 1m IC (both chord cables are black - not a problem - guess you can connect them right) I think i have sold old pair with both red :-(  £25 each delivered.