1. bohemian

    Lyrics in JRiver Media Centre

    I use JRiver media centre to control my music library on hard drive, and I have been tagging my classical music  O.o  and reorganizing everything before attempting to run a 'headless' Idpi server. In researching all thing JRiver and JRemote I was pointed to this little tool...
  2. bohemian

    Pi Id Jriver I2S W4S ?

    I am getting a little confused but I am sure there will some answers in the combined intellects of Wammers! I am currently using a Windows 7 laptop (a specification which refuses the win10 upgrade!) and a usb connected, separately powered hard drive for storage. i am running JRiver MC23 and...
  3. Soundsinheaven

    Anyone local - Romsey, Hants?

    Looking at meeting up with an expert...someone to share knowlage on computer based systems idealy Rjiver/synology nas. Have a look, listen, learn and chat.
  4. Soundsinheaven

    Computer always on for Jriver?!!?

    I love jriver, but having a computer always on for this sole purpose is a bit of a pain. SOMEone always closes the programe or switches of the computer (or even jriver freezes)...also the computer isn't in the same room as it's too NOISY. Can't jriver make it work with my synology nas yet...