linn lp12

  1. P

    Linn lp12 opinions regarding vp revolution

    Hello, im new to this forum so fingers crossed Ive started a thread in the correct place etc. i have late eighties lp 12 and want to upgrade the power supply and wondered wether the vinyl passion revolution is a cheaper lingo option. how does it stack up against all lingos ?  Cheers  phil
  2. Antz Davis

    My system at Home - NAIM, Linn & B & W

    morning ALL just joined the forum, should of done this some time ago, I was never in the old Linn forum but have been a member of the NAIM forum for a number of years History when I got my first part time job at school the first purchase was a music system - Technics in those days late...
  3. C

    Cartridge upgrade for Linn LP12 Majik

    Hello Linn Owners. I have from new 2019 Linn Majik turntable, with Majik Tonearm and Linn Adikt Cartridge. Not contemplating any serious Linn upgrades at present. Any suggestions for a Moving Magnet Cartridge upgrade from the Linn Adikt? Gerry