1. D

    For Sale Linn Lingo 1

    Lingo 1 for sale, complete with switch, PCB, power cable and cable to deck (not shown). Good working order. I’m not aware of it having been serviced though. Case is in good cosmetic condition. Collection from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. £450.
  2. D

    For Sale Linn Ittok LVII Tone Arm

    Linn Ittok LV II tone arm for sale. In good overall condition, both bearings feel smooth and it tracks well. I had been using this on my LP12 up until today. I don’t have the original packaging but will include the tone arm cable. Collection from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire please. £600.
  3. M


    Tisbury Wiltshire £1500 An original and not messed about with Linn Sondek LP12 turntable with Ittok LVII tonearm. Low hours, Linn Adikt cartridge. Valhalla power supply. The black lid is in very good condition with only tiny marks and one bigger scratch on the front. Sounds absolutely stunning...
  4. B

    Dealer Integrity

    I bought my first Linn component in 2003. Having moved house a few years ago I’ve been a customer of a second dealer. I share the enjoyment, irritations and capriciousness of the brand.The recent price increases are a bit eye-watering, however rationalised. Still,can’t live with Linn,can’t live...
  5. B

    Advice on how to extend a 2014 LP12 Akurate + Radikal - Thanks

    Hi All, I am a new member, and would really appreciate a bit of advice. This weekend my wife redesigned the my house, and I have been  given carte blanche to upgrade my audio setup. So I am aiming to build a new system around my 2014 LP12. I will be discarding a Marantz PM11s2 and Chario...
  6. Antz Davis

    So will it be Keel or TA Phoenix ??????

    Off this morning to @Cymbiosisfor a demo - I want to choose the final Sub Chassis for my deck - choice is either Keel or TA Phoenix rest of the deck is Karsouel, TP Khan, Kore, Ekos SE, Urika, Radikal with DVXX2 cart will post my thoughts -
  7. R

    Project 9cc v's RB330

    Hi, What the consensus of opinion for the best tonearm to use with my old LP12, non-Circus, Valhalla, no Trampolin? To be used with an Rega Elys cartridge.
  8. S

    How can I child proof my Linn hifi & LP12?

    Hi, bit of a weird question - my 2 year old son has shown a developing tendency to destruction and I am terrified of his eyes and hands alighting on my kit 😟 Although I will have a lid on my LP12 (when I get it), is there any way of locking this? Also the rest of the kit on a hifi rack - is...
  9. TooManyCatweazles

    So where is the weakest link in my chain - AV5140/EspekT?

    Hi all, with the advent of the Karousel upgrade to the LP12 I read a lot of good stuff. I collected a few clips kindly shared by a member on the Lejonklou forum, and also my trusted dealer sent me a comparison of Akurate LP12s with Cirkus vs Karousel. Auditioning these files leaves me puzzled...
  10. I

    All Linn system?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum/club and Linn products in general, so please excuse my lack of knowledge. Also my apologies for what will probably be a fairly long post. First things first, my current setup is as follows: Pro-ject debut carbon with Ortofon 2M Blue, Trichord Dino Mk1...
  11. MarkLith

    FS: LP12 with Armageddon £1250

    UPDATED 27 Oct - to offer for sale at £1500 £1250 I'm retiring and going travelling whilst I'm still young enough (55) to enjoy it so I'm selling my complete stack rather than put it in storage for 5-10 years  :cs: I can pretty much find the going price for the usual stuff like the...
  12. B

    Quads, Naims and Linn

    I recently acquired a system consisting of the following: quad els 57 speakers (serviced about 10 years ago but not used since) Naim Nac 22 preamp Naim Nap 120 power amp Linn LP12 turntable Quads: As far as I am aware the quads should be good as new, given they were serviced and then...
  13. Gidders

    FS: Linn LP12 Valhalla Power Supply

    In very good condition with no signs of component burn or leaking capacitors. Complete with LED switch & original mains lead. Only two years use from 1988-90 when it was removed from my LP12 which was fitted with a Lingo power supply. Connected up at my dealers (06/04/19) and confirmed...
  14. Matteo

    Adikt worn-out?

    Hi After 4 years and about 1,800 hours, I think that my Adikt is close to the end. The sound became harsh and with a lot of sibilances, my modest Cambridge CXN is now a lot better than the LP12 to listen to. Is the cartridge worn-out? M.
  15. P

    Linn LP12 complete with Ittok, Dynavector 10x5, Lingo 1

    I am selling the turntable as complete and ready to go, including the cartridge and won’t split. I am looking for £1475, which feedback suggests is reasonable, but open to offers. It comprises: Base LP12: Serial No. is 0413** which I believe is July 1982. Plinth is fluted afrimosa and, I...
  16. Anders mansson

    Lingo 4 diode

    New here, hello everyone. Just bought my second LP12 (currently Akurate config). My first LP12 was swapped for a CD12 a number of years. I guess we all make decisions that make sense at the time ... anyway, my question is about the diode on the power switc on the deckh. When I turn it on, it...
  17. T

    What Speakers and Amps

    Hi all,  Firstly sorry if I offend anyone with my lack of hi-fi knowledge, I love my music especially my old vynil collection which I have held onto for the last 40 years. When CD’s came in I picked up a lovely Linn LP12 but have never done it the proper justice playing it through a little...
  18. L

    1989 LP12

    Scored myself a very nice LP12 today. I took it to John at Midland Audio Exchange as he looked after me when upgrading the power supply to my twice exploded Logic dm101.  John will be doing a full strip down, service,clean and rebuild with a new external supply and cartridge.  I have a spare...
  19. S

    LP12 Spoke II SME 309

    As seen at Scalford as front end for Active Yamaha NS1000M's, offered for sale is my 'version II' Spoke 330 kitted Linn LP12. Spec includes custom Stainless Top plate with suspension springs and motor position rotated anti-clock to more evenly load suspension springs and reposition subchassis C...