1. W

    Final reduction! - Power Inspired AG1500 Mains Regenerator

    (My first sale on the wam so please comment if I've got anything wrong or missing with this post - cheers) - I'm upgrading my mains supply so I have my AG 1500 for sale. Bought new by me direct from Power Inspired a few years ago and in vgc. This version has a single AC outlet which you can...
  2. Fullrange

    Audiolab DC Blocker. Boxed. £69 posted.

    This is my second unused Audiolab DC Blocker. I'm keeping one to use because they work for me. Boxed and unused. £69 UK postage.
  3. TheFlash

    SOLD Isotek Orion 8-way mains conditioning block, excellent, boxed, £375 or close offers, inc UK shipping

    Top of the range but now superseded, the 2-way version of this had an RRP of £570... This has 6 sockets for sources and 2 high current sockets for integrated/power amps. I can't find a price for the 8-way. I bought this last year...
  4. Blodger

    Supra Cables 6-way mains block

    Supra 6-way mains block - cost around £150+. In very good condition. See for details: I found this much better than a mains conditioner costing five times more by Isol-8 - very light filtering, with surge protection. Quite a few...
  5. Vinylistas

    FS: Russ Andrews Balanced Mains Unit 1000 BMU

    Very good used condition. Comes with upgraded heavy duty mains cable.  £Sold Can be posted or collected in SE London.
  6. crashhot

    Sold item title

    info was here
  7. crashhot

    Analog Research Silver Raincoat mains power cable

    extremely hefty power cable. UK 3 pin plug to high quality IEC connections, approximately 1.1 m in length. I got them from a fellow Wammer very many moons ago, they have done me very well for a very long time but (guilty admission time) I bought some expensive Titan cables to replace these for...
  8. clifton

    Synergistic Research SR20 13A mains fuses

    3 x SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH SR20 13A MAINS FUSES. Only 1 box supplied as pictured. Bought second hand  quite a few years ago, unfortunately the condition they are in was the condition they were bought in, all fully working just don't look great. The seller was a bit of an ass sadly. Review here...
  9. Richdirector

    SOLD - wanted Mains Block Conditioner

    Been looking at some Isotek and ISOL8 ones - need 4/5 plug version (depending if one socket can handle Power Amp) - currently in cheapest Tacima extension Happy to spend up to around £300 as changes to mains leads made a big difference in system - hoping a block will also help. Let me know what...
  10. Elite Audio

    PurePower+ 2000HV Awarded 'Outstanding Product' Title by Hi-Fi News

    RRP: £4,295   The PurePower+ 2000HV Mains Regenerator was awarded the "Outstanding Product" title in the February 2017 issue of Hi-Fi News.    As the name suggests, the regenerator aims to take the pure power input of the music and create a crystal clear and smooth output.    The review started...
  11. JollyRaja

    ISOL-8 Substation Integra

    I've upgraded my mains conditioner so I am selling my old one. The one for sale is a Silver ISOL-8 SubStation Integra. It cost me £1,999 new and I'm selling it for £1,250 with an ISOL-8 1.5m 20A PowerCON cable which costs £100 new. It's in excellent condition and I have the original boxes and...
  12. JollyRaja

    Clearer Audio Silver-line Power Cables

    I've upgraded my mains conditioner to one with Schuko sockets so I'm selling my UK mains cables (and old conditioner in a separate post). All cables have been purchased new from Clearer Audio and are fitted with the Furutech FI-UK Mains Plug. The cables are fitted with either 13A or 5A...
  13. K

    Mains Matters

    Mains matters - and to some audiophiles it matters enough to buy a dedicated street pole and transformer.
  14. B

    PS Audio Power Plant £899

    I have owned this Power Plant from new. It betters all the other ways of removing noise from the mains. Easily handled my entire system including a big valve amp. It converts the AC mains to DC, smooths it and reconstructs a purer AC signal. So in effect the mains power starts in your room...