1. tda1541

    Vintage Philips & Marantz

    I am a vintage Philips & Marantz collector, this is my currect set up: - Marantz Project D1 DAC - Philips LHH1000 - Philips L300 line transformer (the Philips sister of the Marantz DLT-1, goes between the LHH1001 drive en LHH1002 dac) - Shure SRH1540 - Schiit Magni 3+ - Schiit Sys - Schiit...
  2. mr neds

    SOLD Marantz CD 17 Ki Sig, champagne gold

    As per title. It's on its second laser, so still plenty of life left! Icon on eject button is faded and there's a small gouge at the bottom of the remote face, but otherwise fine. I haven't used it for a while, as these are well known for being picky with cdr's and I've now got a lot of them...
  3. Open door

    Marantz PM6007 integrated amp with built in dac & phonostage (+small tweak)

    Marantz PM6007 integrated amp with built in dac & phonostage (+small tweak)   Well reviewed amps. Dac is sweet.   This unit is stock other than: 1) I had a spare ACME silver plated Cryo treated IEC inlet so dropped that in place of the cheapo buckle plated original 2) I used the amp with a...
  4. TIU

    Marantz Model 30 or Denon PMA-2500NE?

    The Model 30 integrated is an 'analogue' amp whereas the Denon has digital inputs. I'm mostly an analogue user but the Denon's versatility appeals. Anyone experience of either amp?
  5. ProfessorP3PP3R

    FS/Trades Marantz CDA-94 (Looking for pre-amp)

    Hey all! It's time for me to find a new home for my Marantz CDA-94. I brought this really hoping to use it but circumstances have changed and I don't think I'll get the use out of it. And I need to make some space! There's a mark on the top front plate, but beside that this unit is in rather...
  6. C

    Sold: Marantz CD 63 mk ii K.I. Signature - Original Box

    Alongside my PM66 SE KI amplifier, here is the matching CD player. As you can see, it’s in almost mint condition and comes with original box, packaging, remote, manual and Ken Ishiwata certificate. I tested it today and it’s in perfect working order. I’m looking for £225 for the player.  I’m...
  7. C

    Sold: Marantz PM66 SE K.I. Signature Amplifier - Original Box

    Moving house next month so time to move on some much loved but no longer used HiFi. First up is my Marantz PM66 SE Ken Ishiwata Signature amplifier. This is in pretty much mint condition with original box, packaging, remote and manual. Tested today. Perfect working order and still sounds great...
  8. Vinylistas

    FS: Marantz PM-17 KI Signature Integrated Amplifier Immaculate

    Marantz PM-17 KI Signature integrated amplifier for sale.  Immaculate used condition with only minor age related marks/scratches. Comes with remote, manual and original pacakging.  Very solidly built and great sounding amp with MM/MC phono stage.  £495.00 Collection from SE London, or can be...
  9. Z

    Marantz SR4400 Subwoofer Out Popping Noise

    Good morning all, this is my first post so apologies for any newbie errors. I have a Marantz SR4400 AVR (bought in 2003) and the subwoofer (connected to Sub Out) makes a popping noise everytime I press the mute button, change source or when the amp turns on or off. All other speakers are fine...
  10. Z

    Marantz SR4400 Subwoofer Popping Noise

    Good morning all, this is my first post so apologies for any newbie errors. I have a Marantz SR4400 AVR (bought in 2003) and the subwoofer makes a popping noise everytime I press the mute button, change source or when the amp turns on or off. All other speakers are fine and don't make a popping...
  11. C

    SOLD: Marantz CD63 mk II K.I. Signature

    Selling a Marantz player which has been terrific in a second system but is no longer needed. It is in fabulous condition - couple of minor nicks - and plays perfectly. Comes complete with original box, manual, remote and Ken Ishiwata certificate. Legendary player in almost faultless condition...
  12. C

    SOLD: Marantz PM6006 UKSE £225

    Selling my Marantz PM6006 UKSE. In as-new condition. Complete with all accessories, remote and power cable.  £225. Price includes delivery with 48 hr ParcelForce tracked delivery. Please ask for different delivery options. Thanks.
  13. DomT

    'Cake and eat it' amplifier please!

    This is a half serious enquiry in that I might just buy a new amp if something exists as reasonable costs.   I am wondering if I can have my cake and eat it or if the two amp worlds that I think exist are mutually exclusive. A limitation may well be my speakers Harbeth SHL5.  In comparison to...
  14. M

    [SOLD] Marantz SA7001KI SACD Player KI Signature with Tentlabs Clock

    I am parting with my Marantz SA7001KI SACD Player KI Signature with Tentlabs Clock. You can see some pics of this SACD player here. The player itself works flawlessly. The SA7001 is renown for its output buffers based on HDAM technology. And this version of the SA7001 has been modified by...
  15. tda1541

    Marantz CD10

    For sale, a beautiful Marantz CD10. Including box/plastics, remote and shippingscrews. The drawerbelts have been replaced recently. Sounds great, featuring a Philips CDM4 pro cdmechanism and double Philips TDA1547 d/a converters Looking for 475GBP 425GBP including shippingcosts
  16. Tom1980

    Marantz PM 17 integrated amplifier in gold

    Hi, For sell Marantz PM17 (mk I) integrated amplifier in gold. It is in very good condition and comes with remote and manual. Price : £350 Collection from Ipswich, Suffolk or can post it, although the cheapest postage price I found is £40.
  17. simon g

    For sale: Marantz UD7007 Universal Player

    I've now upgraded to an Arcam UDP411, so my Marantz UD7007 is now available. This produces really first class pictures from both Blu Rays and DVDs. It's also an excellent audio player. It'll play virtually all discs. I used it primarily as an SACD player and Blu Ray Audio player. Audio output...