1. kukulec

    Listening Experience

    Few days ago we listened the speakers Elac Vela 403 and 407 with Mcintosh 5300, Mastersound Box 2018 and Luxman 505 II. The cables were Vertere. Compared to the older 40X series, the new ones were softer and sweeter in the top registers and both had more bass. In total they sounded more relaxed...
  2. simon g

    For sale: McIntosh MA252 tube hybrid integrated amplifier

    My new amplifier will be with me shortly, so it's time to offer up my wonderful McIntosh MA252 tube hybrid integrated amplifier. It's just too tall for where it will go in my new home, plus I decided to upgrade my amplifier with the arrival of new 'speakers. This is a UK authorised dealer...
  3. T

    McIntosh MC452 Stereo Amplifier

    McIntosh MC452 Stereo Amplifier On Ebay
  4. B

    Telefunken McIntosh 6AU6/EF94 tubes NOS

    Hi, I have some vintage tubes on offer, type 6AU6 Pentode, EURO code EF94 3 pieces of Telefunken tubes, diamond mark in the bottom glass 3 pieces of McIntosh branded US tubes These were spare tubes, never used by me, I bought them as NOS, but off course I can't guarantee they are real NOS...
  5. A

    MA6900 McIntosh Integrated Amplifier

    A high class amplifier made by McIntosh. The amplifier is about 2 years old, in full working order and excellent condition. There is a small scratch to the side panel caused by a metal latch in my cabinet (see photo) and not visible from the front.    I would prefer a pick up. It could be...
  6. phobos0411

    SOLD Mcintosh MXA 70 in like new condition, beautiful system.

    I am selling my Mcintosh MXA 70 as a headphone amp of this caliber is no longer required for my needs. It is in spotless, like new condition and comes with all the included original accessories including speakers cables, remote and original packaging. The amp was purchased new and wants for...