1. Vinylistas

    FS: Rega arm board for Michell Gyro, Gyrodec, Orbe

    Rega armboard for Michell Gyro/Orbe decks. Never been fitted, as new. Comes with 3 bolts, no other accessories included. £44 posted.
  2. Vinylistas

    FS: TP Pete's Pylons for Michell Gyro Gyrodec Orbe

    Selling True Point Audio Pete's Pylons suspension for all Michell Gyro turntables. Bought new and after fitting them played less than 10 records. They are very worthwhile upgrade imho. Selling because bought new turntable. Comes with ceramic ball bearings and spare O rings. Paid £190 and...
  3. Vinylistas

    FS: Upgraded Michell Gyrodec With Orbe Platter REDUCED

    Due to my hifi system downsizing I'm offering this one of a kind Michell Gyrodeck with Orbe upgrade and many other improvements: Chassis can accommodate 2 tonearms if needed. Acrylic plinth was laser cut so motor pod could be moved to the front of the deck when 2 arms are used. 2 armboards will...
  4. Vinylistas

    FS: Michell Gyro SE Turntable

    My Michell Gyro SE turntable with armboards for SME and Rega tonearms for sale. Unicover, clamp and PSU included. Latest DC motor. No tonearm.  Good used condition with only minor marks and scratches.  Selling as upgraded to heavily modified Orbe few days ago. Gyro SE is fantastic looking and...
  5. TheFlash

    SOLD - Michell Tecnoarm - isokinetic silver rewired, both counterweights, inner packaging, protractor

    RRP £705. Asking £395. Bought on a Rega P2 turntable which is for sale separately, I initially intended to use this on my Systemdek but changed my mind and decided to keep the deck as original as possible. The words "Michell Tecnoarm" are usually preceded by "the legendary", and justifiably...
  6. grahamfocal

    For sale: michell record clamp

    Fantastic condition record clamp with the silver knurled screw. No longer used due to change to rega turntable (they don't fit the small rega spindle)  £25 Inc 2nd class delivery
  7. H

    For Sale Michell Gyro SE, Rega RB202, HR Power Supply and Cover

    Bought brand new in October 2018. Package is the Michell Gyrodec SE, Rega RB202 Arm, VTA Adjuster, Upgraded HR Power Supply and Michell Unicover. I have all the packaging other then for the power supply which can be carefully boxed (my daughter used the original box for a school project!)...
  8. M

    [SOLD] Michell Gyro SE + Rega RB 250 + Ortofon MC15 Super

    Selling an excellent Michell Gyro SE, here's what's in the offer: - Michell Gyro SE in great conditions. According to the label with the new Michell logo it should be one of the latest Gyro SE version. It doesn't have scratches or visible marks. - Rega RB 250 Doesn't need introduction, classic...
  9. G

    Michell Gyro SE + extras!

    Reluctantly for sale :( This AMAZING Michell Gyro SE Also included in sale: tonearm (pos stock RB300 - TBC), cartridge (Ortofon 2M red), and dustcover. All shown in the photos. Edited. Buyer welcome to demo before sale. Originally purchased 2003 (Approx.) Will very much be missed...
  10. hexx

    Michell Mycro - SOLD

    It's time to sell my Michell Mycro turntable which is in excellent condition and works flawlessly. The lid is new as the original got damaged by courier when I purchased it. The turnable doesn't come with an arm, I've been using Audiomods Classic with great results. As you can see from the...
  11. tommortr

    Michell Gyrodec or Gyrodec SE

    As the title suggests, I am looking for either a Michell Gyrodec or Gyrodec SE without a tonearm. Please pm me if you have one available. Thanks for looking.
  12. Faig

    Hydraulic Transcriptor (Museum Qualitity)

    I can only relate this turntable like a guy who bought an original Ford Anglia from the factory and put it away - but continued to maintain it! An absolute original kept in the best condition; with extras. Definitely worth the flight to have it on your knee! I am reducing my 40yr collection...
  13. S

    DC motor upgrade

    My Michell Mycro motor is starting to play up.  Sometimes sticking, unsticking itself rapidly and sending the tonearm bouncing across the record.  Rather than just get a new motor from Michell I have been looking at the Origin Live DC motor upgrade and wondered if anyone had installed one or...
  14. A

    Michell Gyro Se - Have one now thanks!

    Hi All I am looking for a mint late model Gyro SE. They are £1250 new, but if somebody is up or downgrading...? Cheers, Aidan <got one!>
  15. S

    Michell Delphini and Separate PSU

    I have an early Delphini (chassis #006) and matching power supply (chassis #070) which I am looking to part with after a recent upgrade. Both items in excellent nick. Be sad to see them go as they have been enjoyable company for quite a few years now... The units have not been messed with and...
  16. Gazjam

    Upgrade your Rega: Michell Technoarm - Audio Origami rewired

    After having (finally) upgraded my Tonearm to an SME V, I'm selling on my Audio Origami rewired Michell Tecnoarm. One of their external cables are fitted to my Technoarm, details HERE: http://www.audioorigami.co.uk/tone-arm-rewires/ Internal wire and cart tags are stock Michell silver. The...