monitor audio

  1. lamboy

    SOLD Monitor Audio Gold 300 5G in Piano Ebony

    Monitor Audio Gold 300 5G in Piano Ebony (Excellent), 2 years old. Condition is Used, but immaculate. Location: Telford, Shropshire. Demo's welcome. Price £3200 Description: These have been my first foray into the Monitor Audio sound having owned various speakers over the years, the 5G 300...
  2. T

    SOLD Monitor Audio RX1 Gloss Black

    Monitor Audio RX1 Bookshelf speakers, used in a bedroom office. Swirls on the top as on most black gloss speakers, seem to also have a very small mark on each (less than a millimetre) The photos of the tops show the ceiling spotlights and are not marks. 1x1" tweeter, 1x6" bass/mid 6ohms 45Hz -...
  3. t1no

    For Sale REDUCED Monitor Audio Mass 5.0 Speakers

    For Sale: Monitor Audio Mass Gen 1 5.0 System Comprises 4x Satellites (vertical) and 1x Centre (horizontal) speakers Excellent condition - clean fabric, no tears, tiny scratch on one end plate of satellite (can be swapped with other end and won't be seen). Rubber base for centre speaker...
  4. Open door

    F/S Upgraded pair Monitor Audio Silver RS1 Speakers - oak

    F/S Upgraded pair Monitor Audio Silver RS1 Speakers - oak    Great condition for age. Some minor marks but not really noticeable unless looking for them.   A small chip in the outer ring of the the rear port on one speaker. Not in line of air flow, so just a hidden cosmetic blemish.   Fairly...
  5. Vhond

    Monitor Audio Gold 300 (5G) vs Monitor Audio Platinum 200 II

    Besides of the price difference (and the technical differences such as frequency range), somebody heard them side by side? Is there a big difference in how they sound (using good equipment/amplifying)? And what about room sensitivity/room control?
  6. thewestfield

    For Sale: Monitor Audio Silver RS6's

    Pair of mahogany MA Silver RS6’s for sale in good condition.  The cabinets are in good condition with a few minor blemishes as follows: -          on the top of one cabinet but barely visible -          on the back of one cabinet by the top port -          on the front both cabinets at the...
  7. M

    Primaluna Dialogue Integrated with Monitor Audio Bronze 5

    Hi All, Not sure if this is the right forum for this post, moderator please move it if i got this wrong. I have Primaluna Dialogue Integrated connected to Monitor Audio Bronze 5, I also have used Yamaha receiver RXV679 with MA Bronze 5 before. When I compared the two amps i found primaluna...
  8. G

    Monitor Audio GR20 walnut (pair)

    Hi all, Thinking of selling my Monitor Audio GR20 (walnut) speakers. Just wanted to ask on here roughly how much money I would probably get for them..? They’re in good condition overall, but have a couple of small scuffs from moving house. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :) P.S...
  9. bencat

    Anyone know which MA model this is ?

    Hi I know these are Monitor Audio units but does anyone know the model number or the driver details ?
  10. M

    Monitor Audio Silver RX8

    Offered for sale a pair of Immaculate Monitor Audio Silver RX8 speakers in Rosewood veneer. £700 These speakers were doing surround duties in my friends AV setup until he passed away late last year, the rest of the setup is advertised across the forum at the moment. Beautiful condition...
  11. W

    Wanted Monitor Audio Tweeters

    A very long shot, a friend of mine has blown his tweeters in a pair of MA 1800 floor standers, if anyone has a pair or knows what replacements are available that would work with them.. cheers Scott
  12. chris rowsell

    Monitor Audio GR20 pristine in silver

    A pair of Monitor Audio GR20 speaker's in a beautiful silver. They are pristine and have all the original packaging and accessories. No faults or damage, see pictures for reference to the condition. They also come with a pair of custom aluminum plinths in polished aluminum which cost £160 to...